Electric Ear Wax Removal Kit, Ear Suction Wax

Ear Suction Wax Remover

Electric Ear Wax Removal Kit, Ear Suction Wax Remover, HassoKon Electric Ear Irrigation Cleaner Tool, Efficient All Direction Ear Cleaning with 4 Cleaning Modes, 6 Disposable Tips, for Adult Kid

  • Safe & Effective to Clean Ears: The electric earwash from uses a warm water jet to safely, effectively and gently remove earwax, dirt and debris without damaging the ear skin. The stable and comfortable water pressure gently flushes the ear canal, soft silicone ear plugs prevent the ear canal from being stung and the flared tips ensure that you do not insert the ear cleaner too deeply and protect your eardrum.
  • Temperature Display: Using water that is too cold/hot can damage your ears and lead to dizziness, migraines, etc. Please add warm water whose temperature is the same as your body temperature (37°C±2°C) (95°F~102°F).The earwax remover has a water temperature detection function to ensure that the water temperature is suitable for rinsing before use.
  • 4 Pressure Settings: This electric ear cleaner has 4 pressure settings, from gentle cleansing to removing earwax, you can find the most suitable pressure for you. Please use the first gear when using it for the first time. Choose from 2 different massage nozzles (1 nozzle or 5 nozzles) for versatile massage pleasure.
  • How to Use the Ear Irrigation Kit: Fill the water reservoir with warm water, lift the nozzle, gently insert the earplug into the ear canal, and spray! Use only warm water to remove wax, as cold or hot water may cause dizziness.The well-fitting earmuffs and automatic drain design prevent the waste water from splashing and staining your clothes or hair.
  • Complete Earwax Removal Kit: This water-powered earwax remover is equipped with a 2000mAh rechargeable battery, which can usually work for about 3 hours. Included are an ear cleaning machine, a water basin, 6 interchangeable nozzles (3*diffusion nozzle and 3*centralised nozzle), a USB-C cable and a user manual.

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Brand: HassoKon
Origin: China