CURBEL Electric Scooter Tire, 8×1.50 Thickened

CURBEL Electric Scooter Tire

CURBEL Electric Scooter Tire, 8×1.50 Thickened Pneumatic Inner and Outer Tyres, for 8″ Stroller/Pram/Stroller Tyre Replacement Parts [Energy Class A]

  • ★Material: High quality rubber is used and the material structure of the tyre is scientifically optimised. The tyres have a grooved surface for excellent grip, anti-slip, wear resistance, pressure resistance, fast heat dissipation, light weight, stability and long service life.
  • ★Pneumatic tyres: good impact resistance and cushioning, better shock absorption and obstacle passing ability. Easily over speed bumps, potholes and dirt and rock surfaces. Filtering reduces numbness in hands and feet caused by bumps on poor quality roads. Provides a safe and comfortable riding experience for your journey.
  • ★Fit: This is the ideal tyre for scooters/motorcycles. Compatible with replacement tyres of the same model size. DIY or upgrade scooter/scooter accessories. (Please follow the tips on the side of the tyre to inflate the tyre to standard pressure and check the pressure regularly.)
  • ★Note: Please confirm compatible compatibility before ordering. Please check for leaks upon receipt of the package. Please check and clean the inside of the outer tyre before fitting the inner tube. Please contact immediately if you have any questions during the installation process.
  • ★After Sales: Safe logistics service and after sales guarantee. Free replacement for damage caused by non-human factors within 2 months from the date of receipt. (Except for spike and knife cuts etc.).

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Note: Tyres produced in different batches have slightly different tread patterns, which do not affect the performance of use.
Note: Please choose the same type of tyre as your car. (e.g. 10×2.50)

When the tyre pressure is insufficient: it will lead to excessive deformation during driving, increased resistance, more energy consumption, increased tyre wear and reduced tyre life. Braking performance is reduced.
When the pressure is too full: makes the tyre too hard and lacks elasticity. This leads to a reduction in lateral grip, an increase in the frequency of body bounce on undulating surfaces and severe wear in the middle of the tread. Braking performance is reduced.

Material: high quality rubber
Type: Inflatable tyres
Selling unit: Inner tube*1 + outer tube*1
Specification: 8×1.50(45° inner tyre)
Tier: 4P
Package weight: 0.5 kg
Maximum load: 75kg
Dimensions: refer to picture
Applicable models: Stroller/pram/trolley Tire Accessories, universal replacement of the same size tires, or DIY wheel accessories.

Weight: 500 g
Dimensions: 20.5 x 20.5 x 4 cm; 500 Grams
Model: 65600018