CITYORK F550 AC Power Adapter, NP-F550 Dummy

CITYORK F550 AC Power Adapter

CITYORK F550 AC Power Adapter, NP-F550 Dummy Battery Kit Compatible for Sony NP F970, F960, F770, F750, F570, F550, F530, F330 Cameras

  • NP-F550 dummy battery is replaced Sony camera battery , connecting with external power source, which can provide continuous and uninterrupted power supply for your camera, suitable for long time video recording or live streaming etc.
  • This dummy battery is a AC Adaptor for connecting with external power source from the mains supply (wall outlet) to operate your digital camera.
  • Advantage: Compared to digital batteries, which have the disadvantage of blurring the image when they are low on power, the dummy batteries can be continuously powered all the time, which is ideal for long-time video recording or live broadcasting, etc.
  • Tips: Disconnect the power plug immediately. If any malfunction occurs during the use of the camera's dummy battery.
  • Package Included: 1x F550 dummy battery + 1 x AC Adaptor + 1 x AC Power cord

This F550 Dummy Battery AC Power Adapter is compatible with NP-F series battery NP-F550/570/750/770/970.