Ceeniu Car Air Fresheners, Nanoparticle Solid Car

Ceeniu Car Air Fresheners

Ceeniu Car Air Fresheners, Nanoparticle Solid Car Fragrance, 4 Months Duration, Skin Safe, Alcohol-Free, Aluminum Alloy, Clip or Hang with Included Rope, CF9 Car Freshener [2 pack]

  • [Long-lasting Fragrance]: CF9 car air freshener utilizes cutting-edge Nano Solid Fragrance Technology for an intense, enduring scent experience that lasts up to 4 months. No more constant reapplications like traditional liquid or spray perfumes!
  • [Efficient Fragrance Diffusion]: Our car freshener functions like a powerful blower, ensuring rapid and widespread fragrance dispersal. The tire-shaped design maximizes diffusion efficiency, guaranteeing a longer-lasting and more enjoyable scent experience.
  • [Versatile Hanging or Clipping]: Simply attach this chic car air freshener to your air vents or rearview mirrors. Comes with a handy strap for effortless use, making it your on-the-go scent companion.
  • [Safe for All Ages and Pets]: Our car fragrance are made from high-quality French ingredients, providing a natural and gentle aroma that synthetic fragrances can't replicate. SGS certification ensures its safety for pregnant women and babies.
  • ❤️[No Risk, Guaranteed Satisfaction]: Rest easy with a 1-Year Warranty, covering any after-sales needs. Experience an entirely unique and intriguing fragrance adventure with our 2024 car air freshener!

Brand: ceeniu
Origin: China

Product Description

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1New Scented Experience2Gift-ready

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Fragrance Intensity (in-store) Strong Strong Middle Light Light
Usage Place Specific for CF9 Clip-on, Hanging Cup holder Cup holder Dashboard Air vent
Fragrance Intensity Adjustment
Power Source None None Built-in Battery Built-in Battery Solar-powered Built-in Battery
CeeniuCare 180 days 180 days 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year