Breast Intentions ® Baby Feeding Support Block

Breast Intentions ® Baby Feeding Support Block

Breast Intentions ® Baby Feeding Support Block, Portable Nursing Pillow, Breastfeeding Pillow, Adjustable Height and Firmness, Arm Rest for Supporting Baby and Toddler + 1 Storage Pouch

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL- Can be used to support you while breastfeeding, bottle feeding or cuddling and relaxing with baby or toddler. Can also be used as arm support for partners, family and friends.
  • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT- When deflated it is smaller than the size of a soda can, the small size and storage pouch makes it an ideal feeding support companion both at home and when on the move, fitting perfectly in your handbag.
  • SUPPORTIVE DESIGN-The unique design (unlike other standard breastfeeding pillows) supports you so that you can focus on supporting your baby during feeding and cuddling, in a comfortable position suits you. Unlike other breastfeeding pillows your position of choice is not restricted, and the block is ideal for reclined breastfeeding in bed, to sitting up on your sofa.
  • UNIQUE SHAPE- The unique shape and ergonomic inflatable design enable an adjustable height and firmness allowing you to choose what height and firmness you want the block to be based on your feeding/relaxing position of choice.
  • EASE OF USE- The block pillow is easy to inflate, only 2-3 breaths required. It has a quick deflate feature which rapidly releases air in only seconds from the press of the button when it is no longer required, while the non-return valve prevents the loss of air while in use.
  • MANOEUVRABILITY- The recessed handle makes it easy to quickly pick up the block or change position using only one hand for when holding baby/toddler, while the anti-slip dotted grip ensures the secure positioning of the block when in use.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN- Carefully designed (Registered Design) by a breastfeeding mum based on personal experience, with the aim of helping other mums and family members have a pleasant experience when feeding or comforting their babies and toddlers, free from strain.

Weight: 88 g
Dimensions: 13 x 9 x 6 cm; 88 Grams
Brand: Breast Intentions
Model: GRBLOCK23
Colour: Green and Grey
Colour: Green and Grey

Product Description

UK Based Breastfeeding Brand

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