BIGGAMATS Gym Flooring Mat, EVA Foam Exercise

BIGGAMATS Gym Flooring Mat

BIGGAMATS Gym Flooring Mat, EVA Foam Exercise Mats, Interlocking Non-Slip Sport Mats, Home Workout, Kids Playmat, Pet Mats and Protective Swimming Pool, Hot Tub Outdoor Underlay Matting 50cm x 16

  • ✅ PRESERVE YOUR FLOOR – Our BIGGAMATS EVA Foam Mats keep your floors protected against scuffs and scratches, indentations and other damage. This is especially useful when used in your home gym, exercise space, garage, workshop or play area for children. Adore your Floor!
  • ✅ PROTECT CHILDREN SLIPS, INJURY AND FALLS – Our 14mm thick non-slip interlocking Foam mats are thicker than most on the market giving you superior protection from bumps and falls. They allow your children, babies or toddlers to play without any worry about bad bumps, falls and scrapes
  • ✅ CREATE A SOFT, SAFE FLOOR AREA FOR EXERCISE – Our exercise and fitness workout puzzle mats are comfortable and durable, acting as a cushioned surface for your exercise routines. Perfect for gym work, treadmills, cardio, yoga and much more. Exercise machines may indent the floor tiles but this will not affect their use as a floor mat
  • ✅ PREMIUM QUALITY, HIGH DENSITY, NON-TOXIC EVA FOAM – BIGGAMATS interlocking EVA Foam mats are tested to EN-71 standards (Toxicity & Child Safety) by SATRA, the materials testing agency. Latex, Formamide and Lead Free. Thicker, high density 14mm mat allows for greater protection and a more durable flooring solution
  • ✅ PERFECT FOR POOLS, SPAS, JACUZZIS AND EVEN CAMPING – They can be used almost anywhere! These 50cm EVA Foam mats are not limited to use just as an exercise/gym mat or yoga and Pilates mat. They are perfect for temporary outdoor use for children’s play areas, camping and picnics. They can even be used as protective flooring when used with swimming pools, spas and Jacuzzis
  • ✅ PROTECTS FROM INJURY – Our thick interlocking EVA Foam Mats help to prevent injury when used as a gym mat, exercise mat or workout flooring compared to hard floors. Their generous 14mm thickness gives additional protection, helping to keep you fit for longer! Additionally, they make your workout a more comfortable experience
  • ✅ EASY TO ASSEMBLE INTERLOCKING SYSTEM – Easy assemble and customised fit for near-instant setups. Each mat comes with 2 detachable straight edges for a perfect finish. They are simple to cut with a Stanley Blade or Utility knife to fit to any area
  • ✅ SIMPLE TO CLEAN – Our 50cm x 50cm Foam mats can be wiped clean simply with a damp cloth and clean water. For more stubborn stains you can use antibacterial sprays or your regular light detergents. Naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial

An eco-friendly, durable and protective interlocking floor tile. Be it protecting your kids from bumps or your floors from scrapes, we have you (and your floor) covered!

Key features:
Size: 50 x 50cm (19.6″ x 19.6″), 14mm(0.55”) thick
2 Detachable edges per mat
Install and put away in seconds
Absorbs impact, shock and noise
Non-slip textured pattern(top)
Baby safe, non-toxic wipe-clean surfaces

Uses: Gym and Exercise Floor Mats – Supportive, non-slip flooring for home gyms, exercise equipment (exercise bikes, treadmills, etc), and multi-gyms. Helps protect from injury and protects floors from impact

Children’s Playmats – Protect kids/babies from bumps and falls. Let them play safely with our thick foam play mats. Tested to BS EN-71. Perfect for baby gyms and play areas

Garage Floor Tiles – Ideal as garage flooring, reduces dust and increases comfort!

Great for use in sheds, workshops, utility rooms or cellars and basements. No more cold concrete or sore knees!

Under Pool/Spa Mats – A perfect protective hot tub floor tile. Can be used under swimming pools, Jacuzzis and Spas to protect from damage

Pet mats – A great solution for pet food bowl areas or soft pet mats. Easy-clean and 100% waterproof

To Install: Clean the area. Starting at one corner, lay tiles row by row. Leave detachable edge strips on border tiles to finish
To cut mats to fit, use a sharp craft knife
To calculate the quantity of mats: Measure (w) and (l). If using ft – convert to metres (multiply ft value by 3.28)
Multiply (w) and (l) together to get area; multiply area by 4 to get qty

Tips: When cutting to fit allow a 1cm gap to allow for natural expansion and contraction of the mats as temperatures vary
If you have mat movement you can use double sided tape around the edge to prevent it
Mats may indent with heavy equipment. This is natural and won’t affect their performance

Dimensions: 50 x 1.4 x 50 cm
Brand: BiggaMats
Model: BiggaMatGym50
Colour: Blush Pink
Colour: Blush Pink