4m x 4m Black Pond Liner – Quality Waterproof

4m x 4m Black Pond Liner - Quality Waterproof Liner Sheet for Your Pond and Pool Needs - 200g per Square meter - 13 feet x 13 feet Line

4m x 4m Black Pond Liner – Quality Waterproof Liner Sheet for Your Pond and Pool Needs – 200g per Square meter – 13 feet x 13 feet Line

  • Purpose and Material: The special pond garden liner is designed to create a protective barrier for ponds, preventing water infiltrations and maintaining the wildlife ecosystem. It's crafted from a heavy-duty 0.35mm HDPE (high-density polyethylene) material, which ensures durability and longevity.
  • Ease of Installation and Adaptability: This pond liner offers ease of use and flexibility. It can be easily molded to fit any shape and size of pond, making the installation process straightforward.
  • Durable and Robust Design: The liner's heavy-duty design is built to withstand extreme moisture and adverse weather conditions, ensuring it can last for many decades.
  • Safety and Eco-Friendliness: The liner is constructed from non-toxic materials, ensuring the safety and health of the pond's wildlife, including fish and plants.
  • UV Resistance: The liner features a UV-resistant layer, which protects it from sun damage and helps maintain its integrity over time.

Versatility and Compatibility: The liner is suitable for a wide range of wildlife, including fish and flora, ensuring that your pond ecosystem thrives.
Lightweight and Compact: Despite its durability, the liner remains lightweight and compact, making it easy to handle during installation.
Extreme Environment Suitability: The liner is specially designed to withstand extreme environments, making it suitable for a variety of locations and conditions.
Impermeable and Soil Protection: The material is impermeable, effectively protecting the soil against water and moisture infiltration, which is crucial for maintaining the pond’s structure and integrity.
Resistance to Weathering and Root Development: The liner is highly resistant to weathering and root development, ensuring its longevity and maintaining the pond’s appearance.
Our special pond garden liner offers a range of features such as easy installation, durability, adaptability, UV resistance, non-toxic materials, and compatibility with diverse wildlife. Its protection against water infiltration, weather, and root development contributes to the longevity and health of your pond. If you have any further questions or need more information, feel free to ask!

Dimensions: 48.79 x 27.8 x 9.3 cm; 3.06 Kilograms