Retroxplug Game – 2024 New Retroxplug Retro Game

Retroxplug Game - 2024 New Retroxplug Retro Game Stick

Retroxplug Game – 2024 New Retroxplug Retro Game Stick, Retro Gaming Wand Stick 4K HDMI Output for Tv with Dual 2.4G Wireless Controllers

  • 【RetroxPlug Retro Game Stick】With over 10,000 classic games to choose from, our Retroxplug Retro Game Stick allows you to relive the golden age of gaming from the 80s and 90s.
  • 【Unleash the Power of 4K Gaming 】 Our plug-to-play console offers HDMI 4K 60fps interface output without any conversion. Connect it to your TV, computer, monitor, projector, or any other compatible device, and enjoy razor-sharp 4K ultra-high-definition video output.
  • 【Effortless Setup for Seamless Gaming 】 Connect our Plug and Play Retroxplug Gaming Stick directly to your TV's port, and you'll have an easy 4K game stick that works flawlessly every time.
  • 【Gaming on the Go Made Easy】Our Retro Game Stick is perfect for gaming on the go. The fast response speed ensures that you and a friend can have fun without any delays, providing you with an exciting and enjoyable gaming experience.
  • 【Gaming Fun for Everyone 】 With 2 free wireless controllers included, you can enjoy Retroxplug gaming gameplay with your loved ones. Gather around the TV, sit back on the couch, and indulge in the nostalgia of your favorite games.

Game Capacity:
64g Version – Built-in 10,000+ Games.
Material: Plastic + Electronic Components
Sdram: DDR3 256MB
Remote Control Frequency: 2.4G
Package Dimensions: 16.5 x 12.5 x 10.5cm
How to Use:
Step 1: Plug the RetroxPlug Game into Your Tv Via HDMI.
Step 2: Put Your Tv into the Correct HDMI Input.
Step 3:now Just Relax & Enjoy over10,000+Retro Games!
Notes: Not Format the Sd Card, the Game is Stored in the Card.
2.when You Receive the Product, the Sd Card Has Been Installed in the Card Slot.
3.the Game List Can Be Viewed by Scanning the Code in the Instruction Manual.
4.most Games Can Be Entered Normally, but Some Games Will Crash Due to Incompatibility. It’s Normal.
5.when the Handle is Not in Use, the Handle Protection Mechanism Will Enter the Dormant State to Save Energy. the Light Will Be off at This Time. Just Turn the Slider Again from off to on and the Light Will Turn on Again.
6.qr Code for the Operation Video at the End of the Manual, You Can Scan the Code and Watch It Yourself.
7. the Handle is Only Powered by 2 Aaa Batteries (not Included). It Cannot Be Rechargeable.
Package Includes:
1pcs × RetroxPlug Retro Game Stick

Weight: 500 Grams
Material: Plastic
Colour: 1 Set
Colour: 1 Set
Material: Plastic
Reference: PDUHKO