Karaoke for Kids & Adults with Microphones

Karaoke for Kids & Adults with Microphones

Karaoke for Kids & Adults with Microphones, Portable Karaoke Machine with LED Light and Voice Changing Effects, Gift Toys for Girls and Boys Birthday Party Home KTV

  • 【Karaoke Machines】The Bluetooth karaoke with wireless microphone is equipped with high-quality speakers to ensure clear sound quality and high volume. Colorful LED lights bounce to the beat of the music. Not only for singing, but also as a music player or
  • 【Easy to Connect & Long Using Time】Get good playing time with a single charge. birthday parties, meetings, classrooms, outdoor activities. This portable Bluetooth speaker and wireless microphone meets all your needs for singing fun. You just need to connect the speaker to a ktv app on your phone and sing songs. For home parties and outdoor activities.
  • 【Super Sound Karaoke】kids karaoke machine has 4 great vocal effects that create more fun when you sing and speak with the microphone. The LED lights beat with the rhythm of the music, creating a fun atmosphere. Internal vocal remover function so you can sing your favorite songs! Headphone output port on the back. Perfect for singing practice, family karaoke, small enough to carry when traveling.
  • 【Lightweight and Portable】karaoke machine kids be easily picked up by children. Take it with you in the car, to a party, outdoors, on a trip, anywhere there is a stage to sing on!
  • 【karaoke microphones for kids】Bright color design and beautiful packaging make it girls birthday present disco for 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 year old girls boys teenagers. With this ultra-portable karaoke machine, the stage is everywhere. surprise toys for girls children.

Warm reminder

1、Except for the operation methods specifically marked in the manual,pleasedo nottry to disassemble or replace any parts in the earbuds.

2、Don’ t put the earbuds in the water or any others liquid.The earbuds arenot waterproof.

3、Ifany liquid enters the product by accidentally,please disconnect and removethe connection immediately.

4、Please make sure that there is no water on your hands when lnstalling oruninstalling the product to avoid electricshock.

5、Do not put the product near by the heat source or expose it to the fire sourcedirectly.

6、Do not put the product in the environment with strong electromagnetic force.otherwise it will cause product malfunction. Play TF function

When the TF card is inserted in the startup state, the stereo will automaticallyswitch to TF mode and sound a prompt tone.

2 seconds later, the song will beplayed automatically. There must be audio files in MP3 format in the TF card

Dazzling lighting featureUnder startup state: Short press: light mode switch (breath light, dazzling light.spectrum light effect, running horse light effect, off light)

AUX input function

When the device is powered on, insert the 3.5 male connector into the 3.5female connector of the computer/mobile phone (Note: please connect the 3.5male connector with the 35 male audio cable) and insert the other 3.5 maleconnector into the “audio female connector of the speaker.

At this time, thespeaker will automatically switch to the external audio input mode to play theaudio on the device. Usb flash drive function

In the startup state, when you insert the USB flash drive, the stereo willautomatically switch to the USB flash drive mode and sound a prompt toneAfter 2 seconds, the song will automatically play.

The USB flash drive musthave audio files in MP3 format.