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Weber Classic Kettle Charcoal Grill Barbecue, 57cm

Weber Classic Kettle Charcoal Grill Barbecue

Weber Classic Kettle Charcoal Grill Barbecue, 57cm – Black (1341504) & Rapidfire Barbecue Chimney Starter Set | Aluminium BBQ Fire Starter Set | Charcoal Briquettes and Firelighters Included

  • Product 1: WEBER ORIGINAL BBQ GRILL: 57cm. Classic charcoal grill with built-in temperature gauge, heat-resistant bowl and lid, triple plated cooking grate, heavy-gauge steel fuel grate plus heat shield handle
  • Product 1: WEBER 57CM BBQ GRILL: Easy clean outdoor charcoal barbeque grill oven and smoker. Ideal for cooking and grilling food to perfection. Cook burgers, sausages, pizza and more, in summer or all year round
  • Product 1: WEBER GRILL COAL BBQ WITH LID: Outdoor coal burner stove, movable with wheels, great for cooking for friends and family. The anti-rust kettle BBQ provides consistent temperature for even cooking
  • Product 1: WEBER CLASSIC BBQ TASTE: This luxury Weber kettle BBQ uses charcoal lump wood or briquettes, and makes the perfect gift. Matching Weber classic kettle 57cm BBQ accessories and tools are available
  • Product 2: QUICK BBQ FIRE STARTER SET: The Weber Rapidfire Set is the ultimate BBQ tool for any barbecuer as it has everything you need to get the party started fast: canister, briquettes and firelighters
  • Product 2: TWO-HANDLE DESIGN: Stay in control with the Weber Chimney Starter by using its two handle points to direct your burning coal onto your charcoal grate, don't forget to wear your Weber gloves!
  • Product 2: SPACIOUS STEEL CANISTER: The aluminized steel canister is durable to hold enough coal for a BBQ grill 47cm or larger, and cone-shaped to keep your coal burning evenly
  • Product 2: DELICIOUS CHARCOAL BURNER: Simply fill the BBQ Chimney Starter with the briquettes, place over the lighter cubes to get the fire burning and say no to lighter fluid and yes to authentic BBQ taste

SKU: B09MM814J9
Weight: 2 Kilograms

From the manufacturer


Weber Rapidfire? Barbecue Chimney Starter Set | Aluminium BBQ Fire Starter Set | Charcoal Briquettes and Firelighters Included | Weber Barbecue Accessories (17631)

Starting up your barbecue has never been easier with the Weber Rapidfire BBQ Chimney Starter Set, a simple but essential tool for any barbecuer’s kit. It includes the aluminized steel canister, 2kg supply of briquettes and 3 firelighters – everything you need to get the party (and fire) started. Simply fill the cylindrical canister with charcoal briquettes, light 3 lighter cubes on your BBQ cooking grate and place the fire starter on top. The Rapidfire is true to its name; soon the coals will be glowing and the classic barbecue smell flowing. With its cone-shaped bottom to ensure your briquettes are burning evenly, and its handy two-handle design for more control whilst handling, the BBQ starter set is the best way to start cooking. The sturdy canister is spacious enough to fill coal for any barbecue grill over 47cm. Weber believe in the authentic BBQ taste with their grills, and the Charcoal Chimney Starter is no exception. No lighter fluid, no unpleasant taste.

Brand Weber
Material Aluminium-coated Steel
Item Weight 0.028 Ounces