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Momcozy M5 Hands Free Breast Pump, Wearable Breast

Momcozy M5 Hands Free Breast Pump

Momcozy M5 Hands Free Breast Pump, Wearable Breast Pump of Baby Mouth Double-Sealed Flange with 3 Modes & 9 Levels, Electric Breast Pump Portable – 24mm (1, Red)

  • SPA-level Lactation – M5 breast pump the new concept "Baby Mouth" is structured like a baby sucking at a horizontal angle, painless lactation produces more milk. With a double-sealed flange and ergonomic 105° breast wrap design, all-around comfortable fit.
  • Increase Milk Efficient – M5 has a micro-vibration tech to promote milk secretion during breastfeeding. With 3 Modes (Stimulation + Expression + Mixed) and 9 levels, customize the M5 wearable breast pump so it always starts at your preferred setting for efficient pumping.
  • Lightest Hidden All-in-one Pump – Only 225g, 2/3 the size of ordinary pumps. Momcozy M5 hands free breast pump has no eye-salute paid, and no occasion restrictions to pump breast milk anytime, anywhere, even when working, driving, etc. Muse 5 is a pumping game changer designed for mum's freedom.
  • Tailored for You- Momcozy breast pump M5 with 4 sizes 17/19/21/24mm, fit for different breast shapes. Made of zero BPA food-grade silicone, it's safe for you and your baby. Minimal parts are easier to use and clean, so moms can spend their feeding life worry-free.
  • Exclusive Mom Fashion Items – M5 has a stylish and compact design with 4 colors to choose from and with an exquisite storage handbag so that moms can also show their fashion taste in breastfeeding life, making breastfeeding both beautiful and convenient. M5 becomes a true "Mom Pride Emblem". Be fashionable, be cozy, and start today!

Brand: momcozy
Origin: China

Product Description

Momcozy M5 breast pump with the latest black technology – baby’s mouth structure, painless to pump like a baby’s mouth!

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Momcozy breastfeeding essentials for moms.