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Insta360 GO 3 Dive Case

Insta360 GO 3 Dive Case

Insta360 GO 3 Dive Case

  • Waterproof to 60m (197ft) with the Dive Case.
  • Glass lenses for better image quality.
  • Sliding buckle design keeps the camera safe and secure.


From the manufacturer


Before Using: Please read this document carefully and prepare the case properly before use. Failure to observe these instructions may cause damage to the camera, battery or other parts, for which Insta360 won't assume responsibility. Please use this product responsibly to prevent accidental damage. Improper maintenance may affect product performance. Each time before use, it's suggested to securely close the Dive Case (no camera inserted) and immerse it in water to check for leaks as described below: Latch the Dive Case and then slowly immerse it in water, stopping if air is expelled from inside the aDive Case. Immerse the Dive Case and operate the buttons under water for 2-3 minutes checking for any air bubbles. Take the Dive Case out of the water and dry it thoroughly with a soft, dry cloth, then open and check for any water inside. When sealing the Dive Case, be sure that the parts of the Dive Case in contact with its rubber seal are free of any foreign objects and the rubber seal has not moved off the rim of the Dive Case. Never open or close the Dive Case in a location with a lot of sand, dirt, dust or other small particles. Otherwise, the performance of the Dive Case will be reduced and the camera may be damaged. The Dive Case is not shock-resistant. Applying strong vibrations, shocks or pressure to the product may result in damage, failure or reduced waterproofing performance. While using GO 3 in the Dive Case, the maximum height from which you can dive into the water is 2 meters (6.56ft). The Dive Case is protected against drops onto solid ground from a maximum height of 1 meter (3.28ft). Glue may be visible inside the outer edge of the Dive Case lens. This is normal and will not affect waterproofing performance.

Maintenance: Do not open the Dive Case while it is wet. After using the product in seawater, remove the camera and soak the Dive Case in freshwater for at least 60 minutes. If the Dive Case is not soaked after use in seawater, residual salt may cause water leakage. After soaking the Dive Case in freshwater, rinse it gently under the tap. Never apply a high-pressure water flow from a single direction, as it may cause leakage. Ensure that the Dive Case is firmly closed before washing. After washing the Dive Case, wipe away any water droplets remaining on the surface with a soft, dry cloth. Do not dry it with a hair dryer, clothes dryer or stove. Ensure there is no sand on the Dive Case before drying. Sand may scratch the product surface when wiped with a cloth. Do not store the Dive Case in a hot and humid environment. In particular, do not leave it inside a hot car. Do not wash the Dive Case with soap, neutral detergent or alcohol cleaning products. This may degrade the waterproofing performance. Do not clean the Dive Case with organic solvents (such as diluents, alcohol or gasoline). Store the product in a dry, well-ventilated location.