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WUUK 2K Wireless Video Doorbell Camera, Free 32GB

WUUK 2K Wireless Video Doorbell Camera

WUUK 2K Wireless Video Doorbell Camera, Free 32GB Local Storage Base Station (Indoor Chime), No Monthly Fee, Battery Powered Doorbell with Camera, Smart Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera With Night Visio

  • 32GB Free Local Storage & No Monthly Fee – The video doorbell comes with a base station (also a Chime) that provides powerful signal-boosting WiFi and free integrated encrypted data storage. The security system uses high-quality data encryption technology to ensure that your video clips and data are securely transmitted, and you never have to pay for cloud storage.
  • Clear 2K HDR Image & Wide Perspectives – With the 4:3 head-to-toe view, you'll know what's happening at your front door by using the live view, 2-way audio, or event playback in your feature-rich mobile app. Thanks to the built-in infrared and color night vision function, you can see visitors in perfect color and clarity even in backlight conditions, making the monitoring field clearer and wider.
  • Powerful Functional Configuration – Equipped with a PIR sensor and triple motion detection technology, the WUUK video doorbell with camera can clearly record all person and motion detections at your front door. Two-way audio, quick response. Access the live view and speak to the visitor smoothly in real-time wirelessly through this doorbell camera wherever and whenever you are.
  • Easy Self-setup and Anti-theft alarm – Connect to the WiFi router via Ethernet cable, WUUK camera doorbell wireless system builds its own 2.4GHz network. Wired or wireless, no drilling is required. Built-in 5200mAh battery lasts 2-3 months on a single charge. If someone tries to forcibly remove the doorbell from your door, the doorbell will immediately trigger an alarm to alert you.
  • Expandable Security Camera System – Up to 8 wireless doorbell cameras or outdoor cameras from WUUK can be paired with a base station to create your own home security camera system controlled through a WUUK app. WUUK is committed to providing you with a complete range of secure home security systems.

Weight: ‎920 g
Dimensions: ‎20.7 x 17.8 x 12.4 cm; 920 Grams
Model: ‎Y0210B
Part: ‎Y0210B
Batteries Required: ‎No
Batteries Included: ‎Yes
Manufacture: ‎WUUK

Product Description

  1. Video Doorbell Camera

    Why Use a Base Station?

    Free & Stable

    • You never have to pay for cloud storage.
    • Base stations as chime & signal stabilizers.

  2. Video Doorbell Camera

    Why Use a Base Station?

    Everything is controlled via the WUUK APP

    • Add more WUUK cameras or doorbells and control everything with just one WUUK app.

  3. Video Doorbell Camera

    “Alexa, show me the door”

    • Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT. Voice command to check in at any time.

  1. Video Doorbell Camera

    From Head to Toe

    Wider viewing angles. See much more Better pictures

  2. Video Doorbell Camera

    AI Algorithms

    Analyse each event immediately and determine exactly whether a person is present.

  3. Video Doorbell Camera

    2K & Night Vision

    See visitors clearly in the backlight of the sun or even in the dark.

  4. Video Doorbell Camera

    Instant Notification

    Quickly check who is at the door.

  1. Video Doorbell Camera

    Custom Detection Zones

    Set multiple motion detection zones. Receive only the alerts that are important to you and reduce unnecessary notifications or alarms (e.g. for busy streets).

  2. Video Doorbell Camera

    Real-time, 2-Way Audio

    Answer video calls from your video doorbell or open LiveView to talk and communicate with anyone at your door in real time.

  3. Video Doorbell Camera

    Event Playback

    All recorded events are time-coded and can be easily accessed via a calendar view or timeline.

  4. Video Doorbell Camera

    Triple Motion Detection

    Radar and sensors in the doorbell cameras work with an AI algorithm that allows you to set up activity zones and customise which events to detect.

Install and Setup: The Options Are All Yours!

Video Doorbell CameraVideo Doorbell CameraVideo Doorbell Camera

Wired/ wireless

You can choose a wired or Wi-Fi connection for the base station and place it anywhere you like.

Review and Product Demo

  1. Easy Install, No Monthly Fee

    Before you know it, you have an installed front door camera. I love to get notified when there is movement. And I love that there’s no monthly fee.

    — Practically Home, YouTuber

  2. Feature-rich App, Clear Image Day and Night

    We decided to change because I’m sick of monthly fee. Security events are time-coded and you can click to download and email it out to local enforcement if you need to.

    — House Dad Life, YouTuber

What is the function of the base station?

As well as acting as a chime, the base station can provide a more stable signal for the smart doorbell and has 32GB of memory, saving unnecessary costs.

Can I connect this smart doorbell via WiFi?

After the initial setup, you can go into the settings of the base station, tap on connection mode and follow the instructions on the screen to switch to wireless mode. Then it can be connected to 2.4Ghz WiFi.

Does it work with 5 GHz WiFi?

No. 5GHz WiFi is not supported.

Can this doorbell be rewired as well as battery operated?

The camera doorbell wireless is enabled by the built-in 5200mAh battery, or you can choose AC wires for constant power.

What are the dimensions of this video doorbell?

The WUUK Video Doorbells are 145mm *51mm *32mm