Ice Maker Machine 2 Sizes, Stainless Steel, 28 lbs

Ice Maker Machine 2 Sizes

Ice Maker Machine 2 Sizes, Stainless Steel, 28 lbs 24 Hrs, Self-clean Countertop Ice Cube Maker for Home, 9 Ice Cubes Ready in 6 Minutes, LED Display, 2L with Ice Scoop & Basket, No Plumbing

  • ✈️ DIRECT DISPATCHES FROM AMZ WAREHOUSE: Make sure your ice maker is delivered to you faster and safer. More professional delivery to you with higher quality.
  • ❄️MAKE LARGE OR SMALL ICE CUBES FAST: 9 ice cubes in 5-8 minutes and up to 28-30lbs of ice per day. 1lbs of ice is roughly enough for 3 drinks. So, a maximum of 90 drinks per 24 hours, perfectly meet the demand of your household or party, saving ca. 100 quid per month. Save your money and time. Say Buh-bye to ice trays and bags.
  • 🍸AUTOMATIC CLEANING FUNCTION: Press MENU button to select SELF-CLEANING, the self-cleaning mode indicator flashes for 5 seconds, and the self-clean mode is activated. So you don't need too much energy to clean it up.
  • ❄️UPGRADED PRO COMPRESSOR & STAINLESS STEEL LAYER: the countertop ice maker with DC COMPRESSOR means efficient cooling and your break or work time will not be disturbed. The stainless steel outer layer and the high-quality foam layer can make sure to insulate heat well, ensuring the machine uses less electricity and keeps the ice solid longer. Both work together to keep utility bills low and meanwhile reduce the impact on the environment.
  • 🧊PORTABLE & MULTI-SCENARIO: Camping, Tailgate, Boating, RV, Office, Recreational room, as long as there is a power source and water. Small ice cubes mix quickly and easily, suitable for smoothies. Large ones are suitable for cooling food or drinks. Great for alcohol like cocktails or vodka. The scenarios where the NORTHCLAN ice maker can come in handy are almost endless.
  • 🍃HEALTH, SAFETY & SMART: Unlike others, the inside of NORTHCLAN is made of white food-grade pure material with no odor for your health and safety. The advanced infrared sensor automatically detects "ICE FULL" and "ADD WATER" situations and sends audible and visual alerts.
  • 🧊HIGH-GRADE ACCESSORIES & NORTHCLAN PROMISE: Include ice basket, scoop, manual, cleaning & maintenance tip card. We commit ourselves to premium products and services at reasonable prices. And we offer Lifetime technical support. If you have any questions about using our Countertop Ice Maker, reach out to us anytime!
  • 👉TIP: An ice maker is by definition not a freezing machine, it cannot keep the ice frozen. Use the ice immediately or keep them in a fridge

Weight: ‎7.5 kg
Size: ‎31D x 23Wx 30H cm
Dimensions: ‎29.99 x 21.8 x 32 cm; 7.5 Kilograms
Model: ‎1250
Part: ‎1250
Colour: ‎Silver
Pack Quantity: ‎1
Batteries Required: ‎No
Batteries Included: ‎No
Manufacture: ‎NORTHCLAN
Colour: ‎Silver
Quantity: ‎1
Size: ‎31D x 23Wx 30H cm

Product Description

ice makerice makerice maker
ice makerice makerice makerice makerice makerice maker
Ice Production Capacity 12-14kg per Day 12 kg per Day 12 kg per Day 12 kg per Day 12 kg per Day 13-14kg per Day
Ice Cube Size S/L M M M S/L S/M/L
Self-cleaning function
“Water shortage” display
“Ice full” display
Premium stainless steel

Technical Data & Maintenance Tips

Technical Features 150W, 220-240V, 50Hz, 31*30*23 cm , 2 liters
Included Features Fast: 5-8 Minutes of Production Time; Selfclean; Stainless Steel; 2 Size Options; BPA Free & Healthy; Quiet Compressor and DC Fan: Below 35 dB; 2 liter Water Tank; Thick Foam Layer Insulates the Heat; Compact: 31*30*23 cm; Bullet-shaped Ice Cubes
Package Includes Ice Maker, Ice Scoop, Ice Basket, User Manual, Cleaning And Maintenance Tip Card
Fully Drainable No trapped water
Fully Flushable For cleaning cycle
TIP 1 – Let it be Do not use the ice maker immediately out of the box, let the refrigeration system rest until the impact of the bumpy shipping process on it fades away. The first 5-10 batches of ice cubes might not be in perfect status and might not be made at a fast speed. Give it time to get to run stably.
TIP 2 – Use Filtered Water Filtered water produces the crystal clear ice cubes you expect from an ice machine. Without it, the ice cubes come out soft and clouded from the mineral build-up. It will also keep the ice maker cleaner, requiring less maintenance. (Please DO NOT use distilled water, pure water with low TDS value, water for various beverages, warm water, or water with a high PH.)
TIP 3 – Keep It Cool While portable ice makers have an insulated ice storage bin, they are still sensitive to the temperature of the room they’re kept in. The ambient temperature should be between 10 degrees and 26 degrees Celsius for best results. It allows the machine to use less electricity and keeps the ice solid longer.
TIP 4 – Keep It Clean Wipe down the ice bin and water reservoir to keep the inner mechanisms as dry and clean as possible when not in active use. This will prevent any buildup of grime or minerals that could cloud up or soften the ice cubes the machine produces. *Cleaning is recommended once a week.
TIP 5 – Use Room-Temp Water Use room-temperature water(8℃-28℃) instead of cold water from your freezing machine to make ice.
TIP 6 – Use It Or Freeze It An ice maker is by definition not a freezing machine, it cannot keep the ice frozen. Use the ice immediately or keep them in a fridge.
TIP 7 – Keep It Upright Please do not turn the ice maker upside down or tilt it more than 45° during transportation or use. If in any case, it happens, level and let it stand upright for at least 2 hours before you plugin and use the unit again.
TIP 8 – Power Check This ice maker only works with 220-240V electricity and comes with a 3-pin British plug, make sure to check your outlet’s power voltage before using the product if you are NOT in the UK.
NORTHCLAN Promise If you experience any issues, we will offer the best time- and energy-saving solutions.