HPJDJXB Wheel protector, Car Protection Ring

HPJDJXB Wheel protector

HPJDJXB Wheel protector, Car Protection Ring, 17-20in Alloy Edge Rim Protectors, Universal Tyres Tire Guard, Anti-Scratch (Color : Schwarz, Size : 18in)

  • ✨【Car Hub Protector】: Car thickened nylon wheel rim, combined inside and outside, hard and anti-friction, protect the wheel.
  • ✨【Strong Impact Resistance】: Car Wheel Rim Protector, Nylon Fiber Material,safety and environmental protection, toughness and durability. Effectively protect the wheel hub and avoid high repair costs. Protection and a new look for your rims Maximum protection and long-term durability Easy to apply.
  • ✨【Dupont Nylon Fiber Material】: Tire Rim Guard, safety and environmental protection, strong impact resistance, toughness and durability.
  • Considering practicality and beauty. Appearance Upgrade,visually reduce the height of the vehicle body, highlighting the sporty style, Protect the wheel hub from scratches.
  • After installing thecar wheel rim protectors ,can effectively protect your car, prevent scratches and scratches,fashion and protection enhance the beauty of the body. Effectively protect the wheel hub and avoid high repair costs.

Rim protectors for alloy wheels is flexible stripes that fit around the edge of your wheel rims. Our rim protectors for car wheels help to maintain the appearance of your alloys, preventing damage.
Name: Wheel Hub Protection Ring
Material: Nylon Fiber Material
Size: 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″
Color: Red, Blue, White, Black
Applicable: Most Models
Installation Method:
1. Remove the tire and deflate, exposing the edge of the wheel hub.
2. Insert the protective ring into the hub and clamp it tightly.
3. With the help of a rubber hammer, inflate the tire while gently tapping the hub ring to make the protective ring fully fit.
4. Install the full set of protective rings according to the above method and install them back to the original car.
Packing list:
Car Hub Protection Ring ×4
It is important to note that alloy rim protectors for cars is not designed to absorb serious damage, they only offer light protection. Car rim covers offer protection from light scratches and scrapes along the curb
Existing scratches are covered by our rim protection rings and the occurrence of new damage is counteracted, which could save you expensive repairs

Weight: 4 kg
Colour: Black
Colour: Black