Duronic 90″ Projector Screen MPS90 /169 WE, WHITE

Duronic 60" Projector Screen MPS60 /169 WE

Duronic 90″ Projector Screen MPS90 /169 WE, WHITE Pull-Down Projector Screen, Screen Size: 199x122cm / 78×48”, 16:9 Ratio, Matt White +1 Gain, HD High Definition Widescreen, Home Cinema

  • 90 INCH MANUAL PULL-DOWN SCREEN: Designed for ease of use, the MPS90 is a manual projector screen which can be opened and closed by using the ergonomic handle on the bottom of the screen. Simply pull it down, lock it in place and when you want to put it away release the lock and let the screen retract back into the casing. It's so easy and simple to do, so you only need to pull the screen out as and when you need it.
  • EXCEPTIONAL SCREEN DISPLAY: The MPS90 is made from a high-quality matte white coated canvas material compatible with all projectors on the market. With a +1 gain factor, projected light will be reflected back brighter by the screen creating an outstanding picture. Around the white screen is a black frame that enhances the colour and contrast of the image. The back of the screen is coloured black to stop light being lost through the screen and to prevent any light coming through from behind
  • WALL OR CEILING MOUNTABLE: This projector screen comes with a detailed easy-to-follow manual which provides a step-by-step guide to putting the screen together and installing it on a wall or ceiling. Due to the nature of this screen, we recommend that assembly and installation is done by two people. The MPS90 comes with wall fixings only. If you plan to install it on the ceiling, some additional small fixings may be needed
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Actual Screen Size: 199x122cm / 78×48”. Ratio: 16:9. Overall size including casing: 216.5×155.5cm / 85.2×61.2". Gain factor: +1. Screen colour: white. Casing colour: white. Border colour: black. Installation: wall or ceiling.
  • DELIVERY AND SHIPPING: All of our projector screens are shipped from the UK and can be delivered to a UK mainland address within a few working days. We also ship internationally but, the delivery time will be longer. PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT ship screens larger than the EPS115/169 outside of the UK. RETURNS: Please check ALL measurements in the images and the weight of the screen before placing your order. WE DO NOT offer free returns for the return reason: too big/ too small or too heavy

Duronic Manual 80” Projector Screen MPS90/169WE

Our MPS manual pull-down projector screens are made from durable double-sided canvas with a +1 gain factor which will display with a clarity and high resolution that won’t disappoint. Suitable for 3D and HD imaging you’ll find using our projector screen will enhance your viewing experience and will display anything you need to clearly and with ease.

These manual screens are strong, well made and easy to install and come with two different kinds of fixings to ensure you can install your projector screen in any location you wish. Having a manual projector screen like this model is cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing and an ideal solution for those who wish to have their screen installed into a fixed place and want the ability to roll the screen up and hide it away again after use.


  • Screen Size: 199x122cm / 78×48”
  • Ratio: 16:9
  • Overall size including casing: 5×155.5cm / 85.2×61.2″
  • Gain factor: +1
  • Screen colour: white
  • Casing colour: white
  • Installation: wall or ceiling