Topdon TC001 Thermal Imaging Camera Android

Topdon TC001 Thermal Imaging Camera Android Infrared Thermal imager 256x192 High Resolution Low Consumption of 0.25W Optimized Temperature Accuracy 50mk Heat Sensitivity

Topdon TC001 Thermal Imaging Camera Android Infrared Thermal imager 256×192 High Resolution Low Consumption of 0.25W Optimized Temperature Accuracy 50mk Heat Sensitivity, for Smartphones and Tablets

  • 【High Resolution, Low Consumption】With ultra-high IR resolution of 256×192, the TOPDON TC001 thermal imaging camera displays a thermal picture of your target with high resolution. Connect the TC001 to a smartphone or a tablet, and the electronic devices will power the TC001. With consumption of only 0.25W, the TC001 works 4-7 hours for phones with 3000-5000mAh.
  • 【Precise Temperature Detection】With an enhanced testing range of -4℉ to 1022℉ (-20℃ to 550℃), this infrared thermal imager can perform temperature readings accurate within 3.6℉ (2℃) or 2% of the object’s actual temperature, and measure the temperature to 0.1℃ accuracy. The TC001 can take continuous measurements of a scene and generate a waveform graph with the high, low, and average temperatures of objects.
  • 【3 Dimensions and 9 Color Palettes】User can manually select 3 dimensions to check temperature in the TC001 App: Point, Line (Highest and Lowest) and Surface (Highest and Lowest) detection. With up to 3 areas for each dimension, the TC can read temperatures in 9 areas simultaneously. 9 color palettes allow users to read the temperature differences in a scene with the gradient colors of their choice.
  • 【Image Enhancement Technology】TOPDON’s image enhancement technology makes the field of view clearer and more detailed by adjusting image sharpness and contrast. Image rotation function allows users to view the temperature in different angles without rotating your phones. With the image fusion function, the infrared imager can combine the IR image and visible image taken by a mobile camera.
  • 【Compact and Adaptable】Measuring 2.8×1.65×0.55 inches and weighing one ounce (or 30 grams), the android thermal imaging camera is portable, and easily pairs with android phones, allowing you to monitor temperature whenever and wherever. A 19.7 inch cable offers extended length with a USB converter to bring more flexibility to temperature reading. Anti-dust EVA bag and wiping cloth provide protection and cleaning.
  • 【Discover More with the TC001】Download the app to view temperature recording data whenever and view or create real-time temperature graphs. No registration is required if you are only reading the temperature. This thermal imaging camera measures temperature differences accurately and from a safe distance, suitable for temperature test, insulation inspections, water leak inspections, or auto services.

Weight: 240 g
Dimensions: 17.4 x 10.8 x 5 cm; 240 Grams
Model: TC001
Part: TC001- UK
Colour: Blue
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: TOPDON
Colour: Blue

Product Description

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Monitor Temperature Change by Waveform Graph

This thermal camera can take continuous analysis of an area, and store the data in the App. This data can provide the high, low, and average temperatures of objects in the area over a set period and generate a waveform graph.

Built for Mobility

The TOPDON TC001 is compact and easily pairs with android cell phones. Measuring 2.8 x 1.65 x 0.55 inches (71x42x14mm) and weighing 1.05 ounces (30g), this infrared thermal camera is a very convenient tool to carry around for running cylinder tests and insulation work, allowing you to monitor temperature, whenever and wherever your work takes you.


  • TC001 Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Multifunctional Adapter Cable
  • Carrying Bag
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Quick User Guide