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WIGING 2.3mm Thick Barbed Wire, Easy To Bend 4

WIGING 2.3mm Thick Barbed Wire

WIGING 2.3mm Thick Barbed Wire, Easy To Bend 4 Point Barbed Wire Fence Perfect For Outdoor Fence, Bird Feeder, Garden, Baseball Bat (Color : Silver, Size : 2.3mmx100m)

  • ✦ Premium Galvanized Steel: Our razor wire is made of high-strength steel to ensure stability. The hot-dip galvanized surface makes it rust and weather resistant and can withstand a variety of conditions to improve protection of the fence.
  • ✦ Durable: Made of galvanized steel, this barbed wire does not rust easily on the outside, is weather and water resistant, has high tensile strength, and is perfect for protecting your private property or animals, plants, trees, etc.
  • ✦ Tough Galvanized Wire Mesh: This product is made of galvanized wire mesh, which is not easy to rust when used outdoors, and the barbed wire is very sharp. Please wear gloves to protect yourself during installation.
  • ✦ Double Twist Barbed Wire: This barbed wire is suitable for all types of outdoor use and will be perfect for protecting your fields and property. It can also be used on farms, gardens, yards, etc.
  • ✦ Multi-purpose: It can be widely used as a protective fence for security measures in businesses, garden apartments, border posts, military fields, prisons and government buildings.

✦ Features:
1. Barbed wire is white and shiny, with even distribution of iron barbs, not easy to rust, tight strands, long life and more durable.
2. Barbed wire with four spikes. The sharpened spikes are the protective element of barbed wire and can be used as a fence for private property or to protect plants and trees, etc.
3. can be used for Halloween, Christmas, Easter and other holiday dressing, increase the festive atmosphere, DIY

✦ Specifications:
Name: barbed wire
Color: Silver
Material: highly galvanized steel wire
Number of steel wire strands: 2 strands
Steel wire diameter: 2.3mm
Burr distance: 10cm

✦ Packing list:
1 barbed wire

Weight: 2 kg
Colour: Silver
Colour: Silver