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kemimoto Snowboard Wax Kit Ski Tuning Kit

kemimoto Snowboard Wax Kit Ski Tuning Kit with Waxing Iron

kemimoto Snowboard Wax Kit Ski Tuning Kit with Waxing Iron, Training Wax, Edge Tuner, Apron, Brush

  • 【Kemimoto Complete Kit】Includes a wax iron, training wax, soft stones, ski wraps ties, 3 types of brushes, binding screws, a wax scraper, and other snowboard tuning essentials.
  • 【Wax & Iron】1.Training Wax: 100g of training wax is designed for general snow temperatures and works best from 5°F-23°F. 2. Iron: Smooth, streamlined design, comfortable in hand. Temperature range: 140°F to 356°F (60°C-180°C), power supply: 120V/60Hz-800W. Achieve melted wax and wax distribution work.
  • 【Upgraded Accessories】1.Soft Stones: Suitable for sanding and polishing of various materials (metal, wood, rubber, etc.) 2.Ski Wraps Ties: convenient to carry skis and poles. 3. Binding Screws:Full set of 8 Screws Binding for replacement.
  • 【Brushes】1. Brass brush: used to remove loose old wax before waxing, and to brush out the texture easily. 2. Nylon brush: used to remove excess wax during the tuning process and reduce the friction between the skateboard and the snow. 3. Horsehair brush: After the nylon brush has been brushed, use the horsehair brush to polish the bottom wax.
  • 【Carrying Case】The Portable Case to Store Your Ski Tuning Equipment Anywhere You Go. Any skier, no matter their experience level, could utilize this set since it comes with a manual.

Ski Snowboard Wax Kit

Dimensions: 27 x 19.3 x 17.09 cm; 2.45 Kilograms
Colour: Black
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: kemimoto
Colour: Black
Reference: 002