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FUXTEC Petrol Multitool – 5in1 – Pole Hedge

FUXTEC Petrol Multitool - 5in1 - Pole Hedge Trimmer

FUXTEC Petrol Multitool – 5in1 – Pole Hedge Trimmer, high-Level Pruner Chainsaw, 1m-Extension, Brush Cutter, Grass Trimmer – Multi-Functional Garden Power Tool 52cc 2-Stroke – FX-MT252ER

  • Includes the following attachments: hedge trimmer, pruner chainsaw, a 1m-extension, brush cutter – 3-tooth-blade, grass trimmer – double thread head and a carrying strap for back-friendly working
  • All-in-one garden tool – whether removing branches, trimming hedges or using it for landscape maintenance and trimming the lawn.
  • Simply change the attachment and you have a completely different device.
  • Petrol 2-stroke air-cooled engine (52cc, 2.2kW, 2.95hp) with a gasoline mixture of 1:40 and contactless, maintenance-free ignition
  • EASY STARTER – starter hoist for reliable starting with less effort

Petrol FUXTEC 5 in1 Multitool

An optimized version of our 5 in1 Multitool FX-MT152E – now with an adjustable high-level pruner

  • Including 1m-extension for a higher range
  • High-level pruner attachment – adjustable in increments
  • “Easy Starter”
  • 3.0HP with 52cc capacity – 2-stroke air-cooled
  • Toolless maintenance access to the air filter and carburettor
  • Circumferential safety bar to protect the tank
  • Safe stand safety bar
  • Gasoline mixture 1:40
  • Double thread head with automatic tip control
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Carburettor with primer pump
  • Continuously variable speed controller
  • Multiple rigid mounted 9-tooth driveshaft
  • Contactless, maintenance-free ignition (CDI)

The FX-MT252ER all-rounder from FUXTEC offers mobility and multiple uses with one drive. Brush cutter, thread head, adjustable high-level pruner and long-range hedge trimmer – plus an additional 1m extension all in one device. Simply change the attachment, and you have a completely different device. Whether removing branches, trimming hedges or simply trimming the lawn.

The innovative all-around handle is ideal for working in confined spaces and places that are difficult to access. The all-around handle is the best recommendation when using attachments such as a hedge trimmer. The practical brush cutter is ideal for precise cutting off hard-to-reach grass areas where the use of a lawnmower is no longer possible or only possible to a limited extent. Grass edges along walls, steps or fences are no longer obstacles and can be cut easily.

Weight: 7.2 kg
Part: FX-MT252ER
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: FUXTEC
Quantity: 1
Reference: FX-MT252ER