CHERRY MX 10.0N RGB, Panordic layout, QWERTY


CHERRY MX 10.0N RGB, Panordic layout, QWERTY keyboard, wired keyboard, mechanical gaming keyboard, CHERRY MX LOW PROFILE RGB SPEED SWITCHES, black

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  • Original CHERRY MX LOW PROFILE RGB SPEED switch (made in Germany)
  • Stable metal housing with extra flat height
  • RGB lighting with numerous lighting modes and customization options
  • Over 50 million operations per key guaranteed
  • Innovative metal base for height adjustment

The CHERRY MX 10.0N RGB keyboard impressively proves how flat a premium mechanical keyboard can be. This is made possible by using CHERRY MX LOW PROFILE RGB SPEED switches, which are exclusively manufactured in Germany. The overall height of the USB keyboard is just 22 mm. This allows you to type ergonomically and comfortably even without a palm rest. Despite this slender elegance, the solid metal construction immediately catches the eye. Even the fold-out foot is made entirely of aluminium. As a special feature, this foot folds back in automatically as soon as you lift the keyboard. The keyboard is stable and non-slip on the table, regardless of whether the stand is set up or not. An RGB LED with up to 16.8 million colors is hidden in each key. In addition to pre-programmed effects, you can also choose your own colors or illuminate individual keys individually. You have the choice between wild play of colors or subtle monochromatic lighting. CHERRY MX LOW PROFILE RGB SPEED switches withstand more than 50 million actuations per key. Despite the low overall height, you immediately feel the inimitable MX feeling with every keystroke. The switching characteristics are linear, i.e. without a click and without any noticeable resistance. The switching point occurs after a pre-travel of just one millimeter. It is not necessary to press down to the ground. This not only increases the response time, but also ensures that every keystroke is registered. A decisive advantage, not only for gamers. Due to the robust construction, the extremely long service life and the adjustable lighting, the MX 10.0N RGB is not only suitable for gamers, creators, prolific writers and enthusiasts, but also for industrial applications. The compact keyboard fits anywhere, making it a real all-rounder!

Weight: 854 g
Dimensions: 42.5 x 12.7 x 2.2 cm; 854 Grams
Model: G8A-25010LVBPN-2
Colour: Black
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: Cherry Europe GmbH
Colour: Black