Bristan BUZ2 SHXDIVCTFF C Buzz Safetouch Rigid Riser Bar Mixer Shower, Chrome

Bristan BUZ2 SHXDIVCTFF C Buzz Safetouch Rigid Riser Bar Mixer Shower

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About this item

  • [Great Performance] Delivers a great showering experience, with dual outlets to large 228mm diameter deluge rain head, and separate 3 mode 110mm diameter chrome shower head. Suitable for all water systems and pressures above 0.5 to 5.0 bar.
  • [Easy to Use] Smooth ceramic 1/2 turn diverter cartridge on the left hand side which rotates in one direction for the shower head, and the other for the deluge rain head. Temperature control on the right. Intuitive markings on the valve for flow control and temperature.
  • [Superior Safety] Thermostatic anti scald temperature stability keeps temperature of water constant. Maximum temperature stop at 43 degrees C. Safe touch valve – ensures valve body doesn’t get hot during use
  • [Easy Install] Unique isolating fast fix easy install wall mounting brackets (Wall Mount 12 Kit), that install during the 2nd fix onto the tiled surface and connect to 15mm pipework. Connects to 3/4″ male threads at 150mm pipe centres.
  • [Adjustable Height] The rigid riser top section can be extended or lowered to suit each installation perfectly. The shower head clamp bracket can be raised or lowered to your preference.
  • [Replacement] Simply fits over any previously installed bar shower valves with 3/4″ threaded connections at 150mm pipe centres width apart.
  • [Quality & Testing] Superior chrome plating finish, and premium quality components, backed up by Bristan’s 5 year guarantee. Tested to 200,000 on/off cycles.
  • Part number: BUZ2SHXDIVCTFFC

Product description

The Bristan Buzz rigid riser bar shower offers a compelling package. Fantastic looks, great performance, easy installation and assured quality from Bristan backed up by a 5 year guarantee. With two different shower heads, this offers choice and flexibility. A 3 mode 110mm diameter chrome shower head offers a exhilerating showering experience. The 3 modes comprise of Rain, Massage, and a combined spray of both Rain and Massage. The shower head modes are easy to change with a thumb controlled toggle on the face of the handset. At the top of the shower is a 228mm diameter single mode deluge rain head with 90 rub clean nozzles. This can be angled to direct the spray if needed. Complete with a 1.5 durable stainless steel shower hose, and adjustable height rigid riser rail which can be raised up to 1110mm from the shower valve to suit all installations and users. The shower head clamp bracket can also be raised or lowered to the users preference using a single handed push button on the clamp bracket. Installation is a breeze with the UNIQUE Bristan isolating wall mounting brackets (Wall Mount 12 kit). These allow for ‘2nd fix’ installation onto the tiled surface, and connect using compression joints to 15mm pipework. For added convenience during the installation the wall brackets feature in-built isolating valves so the water can be kept switched on to the rest of the house whilst the product is being fitted. This will also come in handy for any period maintenance or replacements in the future. If the Buzz bar valve is being used to replace an existing bar shower, you will find it easily fits exactly over your existing threaded connections as it uses the industry standard dimensions and installation – 150mm pipe centres connecting to 3/4 threads. The Buzz rigid riser bar shower has been extensively tested to ensure durability, passing 200,000 on/off cycle testing. The Buzz rigid riser bar shower features an anti-scald thermostatic cartridge which keeps the temperature constant and to the desired setting withing +/- 1 degree regardless of any changes to the incoming water pressures – for example if the washing machine is on, or someone flushes the toilet whilst you are in the shower. The temperature can be controlled from full cold, right through to a maximum of 43 degrees celcius. On the other end of the valve is the 1/2 turn ceramic disc diverter cartridge, which guarantees smooth and incremental control of the flow, and is more resilient to hard water limescale build up. Simply turn in one direction for the shower head, central position for off, and turn in the other direction for water to come out of the deluge rain head. Safe touch valve body shields the hot water intake from the rest of the valve body, which keeps the outer surface of the valve body safe to touch during use so that there is no danger of scalding the skin if you brush up against the valve during showering. All backed up with Bristan’s award winning customer care and 5 year guarantee.

Weight: 4.19 kg
Dimensions: 47 x 30 x 111 cm; 4.19 Kilograms
Colour: Chrome
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Manufacture: Bristan
Colour: Chrome
Quantity: 1
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