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Bosch Professional 601081000 Stud Finder GMS 120 (Max. Detection Depth Wood/Magnetic Metal/Non-Magnetic Metal/Live Cable: 38/120/80/50 mm, in Cardboard Box) , Black/Blue [Energy Class A]

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About this item

  • 3 DETECTION SETTINGS: Metal mode is ideal as a metal detector, while Drywall and Live Wire modes are optimized to act as a stud detector and cable detector, respectively
  • SUITABLE FOR: Detecting objects to avoid drilling like when fitting a wall cabinet or heating system, or for finding objects to drill into such as detecting wooden studs to fit drywall
  • 3-COLOR INDICATOR: The LED ring around the center marking hole turns red for a detected object, yellow for a nearby object, and green when no object has been detected. Automatic deactivation approximately: 5 minutes
  • PRECISE RESULTS: Apply voltage to the cable being search for, remove jewelry & gloves. Hold the device flat against the wall and hold it firmly by the rubber grip. Move it over the area at least 3x.
  • ITEMS INCLUDED: Stud Finder GMS 120, hand strap, protective bag, 1 x 9 V battery
SKU: B0046041C8
Weight: 270 g
Dimensions: 19.68 x 3.5 x 9.52 cm; 270 Grams
Model: 601081000
Part: 0601081000
Colour: Black/Blue
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: Alkaline
Manufacture: Bosch Professional
Colour: Black/Blue
Quantity: 1

From the manufacturer

Bosch, GMS 120
  1. Bosch, GMS 120

    Metal Setting

    The standard detection setting, the metal setting provides the best detection for magnetic (≤12cm) and non-magnetic (≤8cm) metals and can detect live wires up to a depth of 5cm on various wall types.

  2. Bosch, GMS 120

    Live Wire Setting

    While all settings detect live wires, the Live Wire setting provides best results when detecting live wires is the focus and can accurately detect them up to a depth of 5cm on various wall types.

  3. Bosch, GMS 120

    Drywall Setting

    Specialized for use with drywall, and can detect wooden and metal studs ≤ 3.8cm deep and live wires up to a depth of 5cm. This settings should only be used if the detection of wooden studs is needed.

Bosch, GMS 120
  1. Bosch, GMS 120

    Apply Voltage

    Make sure voltage is applied to the cable being searched for (i.e. by turning on the light)

  2. Bosch, GMS 120

    Remove Interferences

    Remove jewelry and gloves. Turn off nearby electronic devices that could interfere with detection

  3. Bosch, GMS 120

    Choose a Setting

    Turn on the device and select the correct detection setting for the application

  4. Bosch, GMS 120

    Start Detection

    Hold the tool by the rubber grip. Place the tool flat against the wall. Move 3x in each direction

  5. Bosch, GMS 120

    Record Results

    Transfer detection results to the wall by using the marking hole

1 Apply Voltage 2 Remove Interferences 3 Choose a Setting 4 Start Detection 5 Record Results

Product Comparison

Bosch, GMS 120

GMS 120

Bosch, D-tect 120

D-tect 120

Bosch, D-tect 150

D-tect 150 SV

Bosch, D-tect 150 SV

D-tect 200 C

Max. detection depth
120mm 120mm 150mm 200mm
Live wires
Non-live cables
Plastic Pipes
Material classification
Live-wire/Metal Live-wire Live-wire/Metal Live-wire/Metal
Bosch Radar Technology
Spot measurement
Depth indication
Display max. drilling depth
Display object depth

Why does the signal change when I move along a live wire?

Twisting of leads of live wires causes variation in the strength of an electric field on the surface up to complete extinction. In case of a 3-phase live wire, the different phases of live leads cancel each other out.

Why do I have problems detecting a wooden stud in drywall?

Make sure to measure on homogenous drywall (e.g. no hidden holes or OSB walls). Choose the drywall setting before positioning the device on the wall, then wait until the LED ring turns on and start moving the device 3x over the area of interest.

Why does the device indicate live wires everywhere?

The device detects live wires by capturing the signal emitted by the live wire. If a wall has a high conductivity, this signal can be spread and over whole wall. Or, if a live wire runs parallel to rebar, all rebar might be shown as live wires.

What should I do if the device displays different results for the same measurement?

Follow the step-by-step guide when using the tool and make sure to do all the measurements the same way. In particular, move the tool 3x in each direction and keep the outer conditions constant.

Why does the device indicate metal objects on the whole wall?

The tool detects aluminium foil on underfloor heating systems and on thermal glass wool insulation as metal, and likewise detects brick reinforced w/steel fibre as metal due to the high iron content. It may show a yellow light w/red bricks or tiles.

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