Vax OnePWR Glide Cordless Hardfloor Cleaner

Vax OnePWR Glide Cordless Hardfloor Cleaner

RRP PRICE: £249.99
SALE PRICE: £249.00
YOU SAVE: £0.90

  • Vacuums, washes and dries your hard floors at the same time
  • Save time. All-in-one multi-surface hard floor cleaner. Kills 99.9% of bacteria*
  • ONEPWR Lithium-ion battery – constant powerful performance
  • Twin Tank Technology – Only ever clean with fresh water thanks to separate clean and dirty water tanks
  • Extra cleaning power – Increased power at the touch of a button, giving you high performance cleaning when you need it

Product description

The all new VAX ONEPWR Glide is a hard floor cleaner that makes cleaning effortless by vacuuming, washing and drying your floors at the same time This all-in-one multi-surface hard floor cleaner not only saves you time by eliminating multiple cleaning steps but also gives you a hygienic clean by extracting dirt from your floors and killing 99.9% of bacteria*. Together with Twin Tank technology, the VAX Glide ensures that you only ever clean with fresh water – so no more pushing dirty water around your floors. The VAX Glide takes the effort out of cleaning and gives you maximum cordless convenience. Its powerful ONEPWR battery with fade-free Lithium-ion technology provides constant powerful performance, even when the battery is low, and with 30 minutes of runtime you will have enough battery power to clean all your hard floors**. The powerful Advanced Multi-surface Brushroll gently washes your hard floors while scrubbing to loosen dirt and debris. For extra cleaning power you can switch between modes for additional cleaning performance with convenient finger touch control on the handle. The VAX Glide is lightweight and easy to use. Its steerable technology gives you effortless manoeuvrability in your home and around furniture. Featuring DirtTracker LED headlights, the VAX Glide illuminates the area for a perfect clean everywhere and leaves dirt with nowhere to hide. Once you’re finished washing your hard floors, the auto clean system rinses the machine mess free, to make cleaning as easy as possible. The VAX Glide is safe to use on all sealed hard floors and comes with the Advanced Multi-surface Brushroll, a storage & cleaning tray as well as 250ml of ONEPWR Multi-Floor Solution. Every ONEPWR battery fits every ONEPWR product. * when used with ONEPWR Multi-Floor Solution ** in standard mode on hard floor, based on typical UK home size, ONS EHS 2017-18

First Available: 25 Jan. 2020
Weight: 7.7 Kg
Dimensions: 28.5 x 31.5 x 73.2 cm
Colour: Graphite

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