Philips Essential Air Fryer Extra Large with Rapid Air Technology for Healthy Cooking HD9260/91

Philips Essential Air Fryer Extra Large with Rapid Air Technology for Healthy Cooking HD9260/91

RRP PRICE: £230.00
SALE PRICE: £187.90
YOU SAVE: £42.10

About this item

  • The Philips Airfryer combines a “starfish” bottom design with fast-circulating, superheated air, resulting in optimal heat distribution. This unique combination allows the airfryer to cook a variety of foods to a delicious, crispy result with little or no added oil
  • Uses hot air to cook your favourite foods to crisp with up to 90 Percent less fat
  • Philips’ Rapid Air technology creates 7 x faster airflow for deliciously crispy results
  • Designed with your family in mind. The 7 Litre capacity pan handles a variety of meals. Cook up to 5 meal portions or 1.2 kg of fries in one go for your family and friends
  • The Philips Airfryer XL opens up a world of possibilities — fry, bake, roast, grill and even reheat! Cook your food every time — no matter what you choose to make
  • The Philips Airfryer’s QuickClean basket is made with non-stick mesh for easy cleaning. All the removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Ready to use without any pre-heating so you don’t need to wait. Thanks to a combination of instant heat-up and Rapid Air flow, your delicious meals will be ready 1.5 times faster than in the oven
Weight: 8.94 kg
Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 cm; 8.94 Kilograms
Brand: Philips
Model: HD9260/91
Colour: Black
Colour: Black

From the manufacturer

  1. The Philips Airfryer XL

    Air is the new oil

    The Philips Airfryer XL uses hot air to cook your favorite foods to a crispy perfection!

  2. Crispier results

    Enjoy healthier and tasty snacks and meals that are crisped to perfection yet tender on the inside.

  3. Faster than an oven*

    The Airfryer is ready to use without any pre-heating so you don't need to wait.

  4. Fry, bake, grill, roast

    A world full of possibilities: Fry, bake, grill, roast and even reheat!

  5. Reheating

    The Philips Airfryer XL can easily and quickly reheat your food.

1 Air is the new oil 2 Crispier results 3 Faster than an oven 4 Fry, bake, grill, roast 5 Reheating

Do I need to preheat the Airfryer?

Preheating the Airfryer is not necessary. You can immediately put the ingredients into the basket without preheating.

Can I use baking paper/tin foil in my Philips Airfryer?

Yes, you can use baking paper or aluminium foil in your Philips Airfryer. But you should never cover the basket bottom completely.

Can I place my Philips Airfryer pan on the worktop?

Yes, you can place your Philips Airfryer on the worktop, as it has rubber feet that prevent the hot metal pan from touching the worktop directly.

Which frozen fries can I make in the Philips Airfryer?

You can prepare two types of frozen fries in your Philips Airfryer: frozen oven-ready fries and frozen fries suitable for deep fat frying.

* Compared to chips and chicken drumsticks in a conventional oven

** Philips Rapid Air technology increases the airflow speed in the basket by 7 times, compared to airflow speed in a Philips Viva Airfryer with flat bottom

*** Compared to fresh chips cooked in a conventional Philips fryer

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