KFLOW Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier, Double RO Water Filter System, Zero Installation Reverse Osmosis System with Life and TDS Monitor, 0.0001Micron Filtration for Home, RV(KFLOW-TDS-180)

KFLOW Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

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About this item

  • 【Double RO Filters Beats Contaminants】: This KFLOW reverse osmosis system with advanced 4-stage filtration and double reverse osmosis membrane (0.0001micron filtration accuracy, only allows water molecule pass, ensuring the pureness). Compared with the single RO water purifier, the filtration is faster and more precise. Can effectively block 1,000 contaminants, including chloride, lead, fluoride, heavy metals, mercury, chloramine, chromium, arsenic, radium, to decrease TDS and improve taste.
  • 【Innovation for Effectiveness】: Unlike the traditional under-sink ro water filter system, KFLOW adopts RECYCLING MULTI-FILTRATION TECH. The water left after filtering is not hastily classified as waste, but will be recycled for the next round of filtration with adding water, which makes this TDS water purifier saves water by 300%. (It’s recommended to circulate no more than 4 time water before the entire tank of freshwater needs to be added.)
  • 【Filter Life Remind & TDS Monitor】: Have you ever worried about you don’t know when the cartridges expire and whether the water meets drinking standards? The electronic indicators display allows you to check water quality and will notify you when to replace the filters. Besides, you can press the water volume button to cyclically select water producing the volume of 0.5L, 1L, and 1.5L and there is also a default volume of 1.7L. Investment KFLOW give you multiple choice
  • 【No Installation Required】: The reverse osmosis water filter with spiraled filter design makes filter replacement in 3S, NO TOOLS required! Creative carafe replaces built-in water storage tank, avoid the risk of secondary pollution. With DOUBLE RO tech, the RO water filter system offers faster water flow and better water quality. The KFLOW can be placed anywhere with an available power supply, perfect for bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, etc.
  • 【Special Note】: In the beginning, because of new filter cartridges activation, the TDS value of outlet water will be a little high and there might be a light weird taste, please run the system 10-15 times and pour away the water. As every machine was tested before the package, there might be a little droplet in tank. Service life: RO filter (2 years), PPF and CTO filter (1 year). Search Cartridge: B08864QCHV, B08864B3BR, B08863TKJJ. Replacement Carafe for B0886CWRQ1.
Dimensions: 47.4 x 42.8 x 36.2 cm; 10.42 Kilograms
Manufacture: KFLOW
Origin: China
Reference: 6OC-HB-POT1/A

Product Description

Please Note:

  1. Every machine was tested before the package, thus there might be a few drops of water in the water tank.
  2. In the beginning, because of the new filter cartridge activation, the TDS value of outlet water will be a little high and there might be some impurities and light weird taste with the filtered water, so please flush the system 10-15 times and pour away the water when you use the machine for the first time.
  3. The 1st – 2nd tank of water is used to fill the new filters, thus there might just a few drops of water coming out of the machine for the first and second-time use.
  4. There are two modes to reset the filter cartridge consumption display after the filter has been replaced.

(1) Automatic reset mode: when the 4 color blocks of corresponding filter cartridges are all vanished means that the filters must be replaced. After the replacement, just press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds to complete the filter cartridge reset.

(2) Manual reset mode: If the 4 color blocks of the corresponding filter cartridge are not all vanished, but you want to replace them. After replacement, press the reset button for 3 seconds in the normal standby state and the life indicator of the first stage filter cartridge will flash. Then click the water producing button to select the replaced filter cartridge and finally click the Reset button to complete the process.

PPF CTO RO REVERSE OSMOSIS countertop water filter
Filtration Stages 1st Stage 2nd Stage 3rd Stage 4 Stages 4 Stages
Filter Type Filtration Precision: 5μ. Remove dirt, corrosion, sediment, sand and any other physical particles. Working Pressure: 0.1 – 0.4Mpa Working Temperature: 4 – 40°C Filtration Precision: 0.5μ. Removes any additional chlorine and organic matters from the water without releasing. Working Pressure: 0.1 – 0.4Mpa Working Temperature: 4 – 40°C. Filtration Aperture: 0.0001µm. Heavy Metal Removal Rate:99.9%. Desalination Rate: 96.8%. Filter out heavy metals, harmful microorganisms, antibiotic and any other harmful substances. PPF+CTO+RO+CCF PPF+CTO+RO+RO
Service Life 1 Year 1 Year 2 Year See details See details
Filter Life Remind X X X
TDS Monitor X X X X

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