Kärcher 18v Lawn Mower LMO 18-33 Battery Set, Incl. 18v Battery and Fast Charger, Performance: 250m², Cutting Width: 33cm, Adjustable Cutting Height: 35-65mm, Mulching Plug, 35L Catcher Box

Kärcher 18v Lawn Mower LMO 18-33 Battery Set

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About this item

  • 2-in-1 mowing system: The Kärcher cordless lawn mower collects cut grass either in the 35 litre catcher box or distributes it as natural fertiliser on the lawn thanks to the integrated mulching plug
  • Precise lawn moving: With a cutting width of 33 cm and a cutting height between 35-65mm, the LMO 18-33 meets every requirement. The grass-combs even reach grass growing close to the edge effortlessly
  • Light, agile, space-saving: The lawn mower weighs only 11.6 kg, is very agile and easy to manoeuvre. Thanks to the collapsable guide handle, it can be stored in a space-saving way
  • Up to 250 m² area performance: With the Included Kärcher 18v/5.0Ah battery from the Kärcher Battery Power platform , an area of up to 250 m² can be mown with just one battery charge
  • Included in the deliery: The Kärcher 18v cordless lawn mower LMO 18-33, a cutting blade, a mulching plug, a 18v/5.0Ah rechargeable battery and a fast charger
SKU: B087G93L4Q
Dimensions: 125.1 x 37.1 x 99.2 cm; 16.2 Kilograms
Model: 1.444-402.0
Part: 14444020
Batteries Included: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Manufacture: Kärcher

From the manufacturer

Kärcher 18v lawn mower LMO 18-33
Kärcher 18v lawn mower LMO 18-33

Light, manoeuvrable, powerful: The compact lawn mower for the garden

The Kärcher 18v cordless lawn mower LMO 18-33 is very manoeuvrable and can even reach narrow places without any problems. With its cutting blade, it effortlessly mows small to medium-sized gardens – right to the edge. The 2-in-1 mowing system makes it possible to either collect the cut grass in the 35-liter catcher box or spread it over the area as natural fertiliser, thanks to the mulching plug. The LMO 18-33 works with the included 18v battery from the Kärcher battery platform.

Kärcher 18v lawn mower LMO 18-33
  1. Lightweight


    Weighs only 11.6 kg

    Thanks to its low weight, the LMO 18-33 is easy to manoeuvre and transport.

  2. Cutting height

    Cutting height

    4-way adjustable cutting height

    The cutting height can be adjusted 4 times between 35 and 65 mm depending on the requirements.

  3. Grass catcher

    Grass catcher

    35 litre capacity

    Cut grass can be collected in the 35 litre capacity catcher box.

  4. Mulching plug

    Mulching plug

    Fertilise naturally

    Alternatively, cut grass can be used as natural fertiliser with the help of the mulching plug.

  5. Folding lawn mower

    Folding lawn mower

    Space saving storage

    After use, the lawn mower can be simply folded and stored to save space.

1 Lightweight 2 Cutting height 3 Grass catcher 4 Mulching plug 5 Folding lawn mower
A battery for every use
A battery for every use

The Kärcher 18v Battery Power battery platform

Full power for each use: With the Kärcher 18V battery, every appliance of the 18V battery power platform is ready to go in no time. Whether it's a grass trimmer, weed remover, or hedge trimmer – it can be placed in any compatible appliance and quickly charged using the fast charger.

  1. 18v/2.5Ah replacement battery

    18v/2.5Ah replacement battery

    Ideally equipped to always get to work with full power: The 18v/2.5Ah replacement battery provides new energy.

  2. 18V/5Ah replacement battery

    18v/5Ah replacement battery

    With the 18v/5Ah battery, the LMO 18-33 runs for 24 minutes. The 18v/5.0Ah battery is charged to 80 percent within 94 minutes.

  3. Lawn mower blade for the LMO 18-33

    Lawn mower blade for the LMO 18-33

    Every blade becomes blunt at some point. To ensure that the LMO 18-33 cordless lawnmower continues to mow reliably, the old lawnmower blade can simply be replaced with a new one.

The cordless lawn mowers from Kärcher

Lawn mower LMO 18-33

Lawn mower LMO 18-33

Lawn mower LMO 18-33

Lawn mower LMO 18-33

Lawn mower LMO 18-36

Lawn mower LMO 18-36

Lawn mower LMO 18-36

Lawn mower LMO 18-36

Lawn area
125-250 m² 125-250 m² 175-350 m² 175-350 m²
Cutting width
33 cm 33 cm 36 cm 36 cm
Cutting height
35-65 mm 35-65 mm 30-70 mm 30-70 mm
Cutting height adjustment
4-way 4-way 4-way 4-way
Dimensions (L x W x H)
125.1 × 37.1 × 99.2 cm 125.1 × 37.1 × 99.2 cm 130.9 × 39.8 × 104.2 cm 130.9 × 39.8 × 104.2 cm
Weight (without accessories)
11.6 kg 11.6 kg 13.27 kg 13.27 kg
Volume of catcher box
35 l 35 l 45 l 45 l
Battery platform
18v battery platform 18v battery platform 18v battery platform 18v battery platform
Battery included
Fast charger included

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