Staub Fondue Set with 4 Forks, Suitable for Cheese, Chocolate and Meat Fondue, Cast Iron, Black, 16 cm

Staub Fondue Set with 4 Forks

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  • For tasteful and convivial moments: Fondue set for up to 6 people with 1.1 L capacity, Suitable for cheese, chocolate, vegetable or meat fondue with oil or broth
  • Efficient heating in the oven, on all common stoves (electric, gas, glass ceramic, halogen, induction) or with burner and fuel paste (not included in the set)
  • Stable cast iron material, No caking thanks to smooth, enamelled surface with non-stick properties, easy transport thanks to ergonomic handles
  • Made in France – Handmade, scratch-resistant and durable, acid-resistant, taste-neutral, easy cleaning by hand (recommended) or in the dishwasher
  • Contents: 1x STAUB Fondue set including 1x Fondue pot, 1x Rechaud, 1x Burner, 4x Fondue forks, Capacity: 1.1 L, Dimensions (LxWxH): 21.7 x 16.7 x 8.4 cm, Diameter (without handles): 16 cm, Weight: 4 kg, Material: Cast Iron, Colour: Black, 40511-970-0
Weight: 1.8 kg
Dimensions: 16.7 x 21.7 x 8.4 cm; 1.8 Kilograms
Brand: STAUB
Model: 40511-970-0
Colour: Black
Colour: Black

From the manufacturer

Delicious Fondue – prepare and enjoy together

Fondue set for up to 4 people

For your cosy fondue evening with friends and family, this fondue set from STAUB will do all the work. All you have to do is decide: What should it be? French baguette dipped in spicy fondue cheese? Broccoli fried in oil? Chocolate-coated bananas? The STAUB fondue set is suitable for countless recipes, be it a classic meat fondue, Swiss cheese fondue or Chinese fire pot. Fondues quickly transform convivial evenings into stylish dinner parties and offer something for every taste at Christmas, New Year's Eve or birthdays. Fondues also save a lot of time: they are prepared quickly and effortlessly. When dinner is over, the fondue pot can be quickly rinsed by hand with a soft sponge and standard dishwashing liquid thanks to the smooth enamel layer. In addition, the set can be stored in the pot with the stand to save space.

So that your fondue pot is not only used for convivial occasions, you can also use it on the stove for quality cast iron cooking. The roasting aromas created when roasting or braising on a low flame in a cast iron pan are incomparable.

Advantages of cast iron

Especially in France, grandparents already appreciated the value of cast iron. Passed down from generation to generation, the robust material impresses with its durability and energy efficiency. While other materials wear out after a time, the properties of cast iron improve with regular use, making it an irreplaceable tool in the kitchen.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Robust fondue set made of enamelled cast iron
  • Suitable for cheese, meat and chocolate fondue
  • With 4 coloured marked fondue forks
  • Incl. rechaud and burner
  • Can be used on gas, electric, glass ceramic, halogen and induction stoves
  • Removable splash guard with fork brackets
  • Rechaud stowable in the fondue pot
  • Easy cleaning

High quality material

The fondue pot and the rechaud are made of enamelled cast iron. This special material stores heat and conducts it up to the edge of the pot to ensure fast and long-term heating. The enamelled surface also prevents ingredients from sticking to the bottom, making cleaning even easier. Cast iron also proves to be extremely resistant to temperature: the pot can be used on all types of stove or oven, or even stored in the freezer if a recipe requires it. Its resistance to temperature, scratches and acid, makes cast iron the perfect material for any job.

Preparation of a fondue

Chop the ingredients of your choice into small pieces so that you and your guests only have to skewer them on the fondue forks (incl.). Fill the pot with liquid fat, vegetable broth or with the cheese or chocolate of your choice. Place the fondue pot on your stove or on the Rechaud and dip your skewered food into the hot cooking liquid. Thanks to the fork holders in the attachment, which also serves as a splash guard, the fondue forks stay in place during the cooking process.

Safe use

Fondue is a popular dish with a long tradition that suits everyone's taste. The STAUB Fondue Set includes 4 colour-coded fondue forks so that each guest can recognizes his or her own fork after it is placed in the pot. The removable fork holder protects against hot and unsightly oil splashes on clothes and tablecloth. The fondue pot is also suitable for warming up other dishes, such as goulash or cheese-leek soup. For traditional serving at the table, it can be easily transported from the stove to the table with potholders on the ergonomic handles.

Made by hand

All cast-iron STAUB products are made in France with traditional craftsmanship. Individual sand moulds give each product its distinctive shape. Through hard work and attention to detail, the cookware takes on its unique appearance, functionality and outstanding quality.

High quality material

Preparation of a fondue

Safe use

Made by hand

Description Robust fondue set for up to 4 persons with fondue pot, 4 fondue forks, fork holder, rechaud and burner Coated pan with wooden handle Square grill pan with retractable silicone handle for sharp searing Shallow cocotte with special Chistera droplet structure for browning, slow cooking and stylish serving Round cocotte with lid for frying, slow cooking and stylish serving Magnetic trivet for secure hold
Suitable for Cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, meat fondue with oil or broth, etc., All types of stoves, induction included Spicy, crispy and healthy frying and cooking, For all types of stoves, incl. induction Steaks, chicken and turkey fillets, grilled cheese, grilled vegetables, and much more Oven, All types of stoves, induction included Oven, All types of stoves, induction included For all cast iron products
Special feature Smooth enamelling for non-stick effect, removable splash guard with fork holder Lightly structured surface for non-stick effect, lower weight Grooves for draining excess fat and characteristic grill pattern on food Special droplet structure in the lid Special droplet structure in the lid Heat resistant up to 200°C
Material Cast iron, smooth enamel Cast iron, beech wood Cast iron, matte black enamel Cast iron, matte black enamel Cast iron, matte black enamel Wood
Features 12-piece steak cutlery set with high-quality stainless steel knives and forks in a rustic wooden box Self-sharpening knife block with larding and garnishing knife, utility knife, meat knife, chef's knife, bread knife and multi-purpose scissors made of ice-hardened special steel Precision Tailor's Shears for cutting thick and multi-ply fabrics, wool, paper and cardboard 5-piece cooking pot set with 4 differently sized, stackable pots with glass lids and one saucepan Thick-walled pan of cold-forged pure aluminium in stone optics, with temperature control in the handle 60-piece cutlery set with 12 forks, knives, spoons, cake forks, tea spoons, For up to 12 people

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