Smartedge 50m lawn edging for your garden

Smartedge 50m lawn edging for your garden

SALE PRICE: £169.45
YOU SAVE: £27.59

  • Smart lawn edging – makes maintenance easier
  • Long lasting – made of polypropylene wont crack or fade
  • Strong enough for mower or mini-tractor
  • Will fit almost any shape.
  • 14cm deep. Max 10cms ‘face’ showing

Product description

The easy way to create neat shaped or straight lawn borders! Smartedge uses its patented A-Frame design to bind itself into the roots of the lawn itself as the grass grows through it forming a permanent structural and maintenance-free barrier which you can mow straight over right to the edge. Being totally flexible it will fit any shaped lawn edge and once installed removes the need to continually maintain lawn borders. Made from UV and frost proof polypropylene it will not crack or fade. Supplied complete with instructions and biodegradable securing pins used to attach the edging whilst it binds into the lawn. When installing you only need to pin every third or fourth frame.This 50m pack has 1200 A sections and 450 pins.Depth 14cm x Width 1.9mmClick here for Instructions. Requires Adobe Reader.

SKU: B000NF0692
Dimensions: 53.5 x 52.5 x 18 cm; 12.97 Kilograms
Model: SMA50
Part: SMA50
Manufacture: Smartedge

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