Nilfisk C 110 bar Pressure Washer

Nilfisk C 110 bar Pressure Washer

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About this item

  • Powerful, Lightweight Pressure Washer: This 110 bar max pressure washer handles mildly dirty surfaces up to 25 m2 per hour. Rated power is 1.4 kW
  • Compact, Manoeuverable Size: Included trolley wheels make this portable and easy to stow and store in your house or garage
  • Ideal for Many Home Cleaning Purposes: Use on auto and car, patio, grills, outdoor furniture and a variety of surfaces such as wood decking, tile, stone, metal and more
  • Multiple Nozzle Choices: Includes two nozzles for any wash job. Choose from the Tornado or Powerspeed (high impact) nozzles. Also features a 5m high-pressure hose for stubborn areas
  • Premium Quality: Features aluminum pump, lance and spray gun with storage and quick connection, automatic start/stop, cable storage and pressure regulation in nozzle
  • Size Dimensions: 26 x 29.5 x 66 cm. Weighs 6kg. Includes a 5m power mains cable
  • Increase Your Performance: Click&Clean connectivity for accessories makes it easy to add on additional brushes, sprayers, lances and hoses

Product description

Style Name:Pressure Washer

This light, compact and easy to handle Nilfisk high-pressure washer is ideal for basic garden, car and household cleaning. The Nilfisk C 110 bar Compact Pressure Washer offers a maximum pressure of 110 bar. This power level is enough to be efficient on light to moderately dirty surfaces. Great for tidying and removing stubborn dirt and grime from patio, fence, garden, carpark and garage areas all around your home. The automatic start/stop system along with a durable aluminium pump makes this a reliable product. This basic pressure washer with jet spray can clean an area up to 25 square metres per hour. A handy helper for car, bike or garden furniture washing. Your items will look new and ready for use! The compact and efficient size of the Nilfisk C 110 bar Pressure Washer means it is portable to move around and simple to stow away, thanks to a built-in trolley system. To increase standard performance, this Nilfisk comes with Click&Clean connectivity for a range of optional accessories.

The very first Nilfisk, which was also the first electric vacuum cleaner in Europe, was introduced in 1910 – developed and patented by the Danish electro technician Peter Andersen Fisker. This product is still an icon among cleaning designs in Denmark and around Europe. Nilfisk has come a long way since 1910. Today, the Nilfisk product family has grown and expanded to other areas of the cleaning spectrum. Still based on the workings of the vacuum motor but with extended expert proficiencies like steaming, water suction, pressure cleaning, etc., Nilfisk is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment.

Dimensions: 28 x 24 x 50.5 cm; 7.3 Kilograms
Model: C110 7-5 Xtra
Manufacture: Nilfisk

From the manufacturer

Nilfisk, compact, high pressure washer, jet wash, outdoor, cleaning

Compact range

  • Perfect for basic and all-round cleaning tasks
  • Powerful and long-lasting motor
  • High water flow rate for faster cleaning
  • Excellent cleaning results
  • Accessories available for countless applications

Nilfisk high pressure washers

Nilfisk is one of the largest manufacturers of cleaning equipment in the world and is the professional’s choice. Using specialised knowledge, Nilfisk brings its true high performance pressure washers. Made from high quality robust raw materials this machine will do what you have bought it for – clean the patio, drive, brickwork, garden furniture, car, bike and so much more with speed and ease.

All Nilfisk pressure washers have a blue impact – resistant, recyclable plastic casing that protects the machine from dirt and damage. The wheeled upright trolley makes moving the pressure washer easy and safe.

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Features and benefits

Click Clean, technology, high pressure washer, jet wash, outdoor

Metal pump, Nilfisk, high pressure

Nilfisk, quick coupling, accessories, hose, outdoor, cleaning

Cleaning made easy

For quick and easy change between nozzles or accessories. This nozzle concept makes it easy to change between the different accessories – they just click into the lance and can be released through pressing the quick release button.

Built tough

Made from Aluminium this lightweight yet robust pump is the heart of the machine. Delivering long lasting superb performance.

Anti-twist swivel function

This is the connecting system between the ergonomic spray handle and the high pressure hose. The hose simply clicks into place and is designed to provide an anti-twist swivel function ensuring fast and easy handling of the hose without any complications. A release button ensures disconnection is simple. The spray handle also has a trigger lock for additional safety.

Features and benefits

Accessory, nilfisk, storage, high pressure washer

motor, nilfisk, high pressure washer, jet wash, long lasting, durable

Auto start stop, technology, nilfisk, high pressure, cleaning, outdoor

Spray gun, lance, nozzles and detergent bottle are where you want them and free from accidental damage. Cable hook keeps the electric cable tidy.

A powerful and long-lasting motor is the best for a durable high pressure washer.

Effective when using the ergonomically designed spray handle for instant control and safety. The auto start-stop alongside the thermal sensor cut out protects the motor/pump and saves water.

Nilfisk C110 Nilfisk Core 125 Nilfisk Core 130 Nilfisk Core 140 Nilfisk Core 140 with In-Hand Power Control Nilfisk Premium 180
Nilfisk C110 Nilfisk Core 125 Nilfisk Core 130 Nilfisk Core 140 Nilfisk Core 140 with In-Hand Power Control Nilfisk Premium 180
Max Pump Pressure 110 bar 125 bar 130 bar 140 bar 140 bar 180 bar
Operating pump pressure 80 bar 85 bar 95 bar 100 bar 100 bar 140 bar
Max Water Flow Rate 440 litres/hour 438 litres/hour 462 litres/hour 474 litres/hour 474 litres/hour 610 litres/hour
Engine power 1400 watts 1400 watts 1500 watts 1800 watts 1800 watts 2900 watts
Weight 6kg 6.4kg 6.6kg 8.7kg 8.7kg 26.8kg
Hose Length 5m 6m 6m 6m 8m 10m
Motor Type Universal Universal Universal Ultra Torque Ultra Torque Induction

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