Bosch AdvancedHedgecut 65 Corded Hedgecutters (500 W, Blade Length: 65 cm, for Large Hedges, Tooth Opening: 34 mm, in Carton)

Bosch AdvancedHedgecut 65 Corded Hedgecutters (500 W

RRP PRICE: £179.99
SALE PRICE: £129.99
YOU SAVE: £50.00

  • The Advanced garden tools from Bosch – most powerful for the highest demands and biggest projects
  • Quiet trimming: Reduced noise by up to 80% to 93 dB in comparison to older models due to the ProSilence technology
  • Energy-efficient power for large hedges: Enjoy high quality cutting performance from the powerful 500 w motor
  • Full visibility of cutting blades: This Bosch hedge trimmer features a see through hand guard which enables the user to see where they are cutting
  • Easy cutting through thicker branches: When working on stubborn or large hedges without damage to the motor due to the high torque slipping clutch
Weight: 6.76 kg
Dimensions: 122 x 24.5 x 22 cm; 6.76 Kilograms
Model: 0.600.8C0.870
Part: 0.600.8C0.870
Colour: Green
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Manufacture: Bosch
Colour: Green
Quantity: 1

From the manufacturer

Bosch, AdvancedHedgecut 65
  1. Bosch, AdvancedHedgecut 65

    Balanced sound for quiet trimming

    The AdvancedHedgecut 65 generates up to 80% less noise in comparison to previous models of the tool. This means that ProSilence Technology provides reduced sound output and more comfortable acoustics.

  2. Bosch, AdvancedHedgecut 65

    Powerful energy-efficient motor

    The hedge trimmer provides high quality performance using right amount of energy for the task with the energy-efficient 500W motor.

  3. Bosch, AdvancedHedgecut 65

    Diamond ground blade for high quality cuts

    Precise, clean cuts for a high quality finish thanks to the 65cm laser-cut diamond ground blades. Ideal for large or stubborn hedges, the hedge cutter blade features a 34mm tooth opening.

  4. Bosch, AdvancedHedgecut 65

    Ergonomic design for comfortable work

    -Working at different angles with the multi-position handle

    -Well balanced design to reduce strain on the upper body

    -Cut easily through thick branches, due to the high torque slipping clutch

  5. Bosch, AdvancedHedgecut 65

    See-through hand guard for full visibility

    The see-through hand guard provides full visibility of the cutting blade.

Bosch, AdvancedHedgecut 65

AdvancedHedgecut 65

Bosch, AdvancedHedgecut 65

UniversalHedgecut 50

Bosch, AdvancedHedgecut 65

UniversalHedgecut 60

Bosch, AdvancedHedgecut 65

AdvancedHedgecut 70

Sound Power level
93dB 91dB 91dB 93dB
Blade length
65cm 50cm 60cm 70cm
Tooth opening
34mm 26mm 30mm 34mm
No-load stroke rate
3400spm 3400spm 3400spm 3400spm
500W 480W 480W 500W
4kg 3.5kg 3.7kg 4.1kg
Slipping Clutch
60Nm 60Nm 60Nm

How long is the extension cable?

The cable length is 10 metres.

Is the performance the same as the current hedge cutter range?

Yes, the performance of the new range is the same as the current corded AHS hedge cutters.

What type of hedges is this hedge cutter suitable for?

This hedgecutter is ideal for trimming conifer, laurel, English yew, beech, holly, hornbeam, leylandii, and viburnum hedges.

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