Bird Feeding Station,Wild Bird Feeder Pole with Water Bath Tray,Suet Feeder & Seed Tray, 6-Hook Bird Feeders Hanging Kit with 4-Prong Base,Metal Bird Feeder Station Heavy Duty for the Garden

Bird Feeding Station

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About this item

  • 【✅All in One Bird Feeding Station】Bird feeder comes with 4 large top level hooks which for hanging longer feeders.two additional adjustable hooks provides more hanging options.bird feeder kits also included bird bath tray, mesh tray, and suet cage, which can attracting wild birds, finches and sparrows
  • 【✅Great Design】The bird feeder is 22 inches wide and 89 inches high making it clearly visible to birds for attracting them. 4 prongs base offers great stability.when inserted into the ground, it can firmly grasp the ground and never easily wobble or snap addition, the surface of the item has been painted with anti-rust black paint
  • 【✅Decorative & Entertaining】Metal bird feeder not only attracts more wild birds to your garden, but also adds more outdoor decor. it can be used for multiple purposes: birdhouse holder, hang plants, wind chimes, garden lights, bird swings & more
  • 【✅Great Gift Idea】Nice bird feeding stations for the garden and backyard. hanging different types of feeders will attract wide variety of will be a really wonderful moment to spend time with family at morning and dusk watching the your child learn more about birds and nature
  • 【✅Well Made】 This bird feeder stand is made of rust resistant and heavy duty iron. welds are not easy to crack because they are well handled.our bird feeding station is well packaged in a durable box, we will check the products carefully before shipping to ensure that you receive satisfactory products
Dimensions: 77.4 x 29.6 x 8.8 cm; 3.54 Kilograms
Manufacture: Hageizad

Product Description

bird feeding station for the garden
Bird Feeding Station Kit with Water Seed tray

Feed and watch wild birds from the beautiful of your garden !

Four top level hooks are great for hanging different types of bird feeders, plant, lanterns, wind chimes and decorations

The mesh tray can hold mealworms, grain or peanuts which attract ground feeding birds like cardinals, doves, and jays

An metal suet cage is great for attracting parrots, woodpeckers, and starlings.

Two more adjustable hooks for planter Hanger and so on.

An plastic water bowl functions as a bird bath.

  • 22" Wide x 89" Tall
  • Rust-proof iron structure
  • Two adjustable hooks
  • Four large strong twin hooks
  • Bird Bath Tray
  • Mesh Tray
  • Suet Cage
bird feeders stations with stand

Easy to Install and Use

The material is heavy duty non corrosive rust proof metal which ensures long-term outdoor use. Wing nut designs makes install easily without any tools.It is tough and can withstand all kinds of usage.

We improve the prong base design by adding one set of pole for inserting into the ground and 4 prongs for stability. The forked and base claws allow the bird feeding station to be firmly planted in the ground. It will never easily wobble or snap off.

bird feeding stations heavy duty

Premium Bird Feeding Station

Wild Bird Feeder Pole

The Great Significance of Bird Feeding Station !

A premium bird feeder station can bring more enjoyment to your life. Feeding hungry birds or providing food for birds that can't find food in winter is a great thing.

Bird feeding station kit will be one of the best gifts you give to friends, lover, family ones. It can also let children know how to protect nature and cherish birds.

This elegant bird feeder pole is sure to attract many birds to your garden, is the perfect item to your outdoor decorations.

Complete Bird Feeding Kit


Provide an excellent bird feeding station for your bird friends

Effective in attracting wild birds

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