WMF Gourmet herb pot with irrigation system 3-part, herb garden for the kitchen, 36x 12.5x 12.5 cm, for fresh kitchen herbs, white

WMF Gourmet herb pot with irrigation system 3-part

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About this item

Weight: 1.1 kg
Dimensions: 40.9 x 13.6 x 12.9 cm; 1.1 Kilograms
Brand: WMF
Model: 06.4130.6040
Colour: White
Colour: White

From the manufacturer


WMF – The Culinary Expert

Cooking and enjoying with WMF



Cromargan stainless steel 18/10 is a registered trademark of WMF and has excellent properties for use. The cookware from the proven Cromargan is durable, safe, beautiful and rust-free. The lightweight and extremely dimensionally stable material is hygienic, resistant to food acids, odourless and tasteless. In addition, it is energy-efficient, dishwasher-safe and even indestructible during intensive use.

The cookware series Diadem Plus

With Diadem Plus, WMF has designed a series that has proven itself over the long term in daily use. Suitable for cooking small portions, the stainless steel pots with profile handles do their job reliably even for larger table rounds. The slightly bulbous form looks elegant. The temperature can be regulated precisely, no maximum cooking levels are required for cooking. The heat-resistant glass lid allows you to control the cooking process.

  • Wide pouring rim for accurate pouring
  • The series also includes roast and meat pots in three different sizes from 16 to 24 centimetres in diameter as well as a saucepan with a saucepan.





profile handles

These handles are solid and can become hot during longer cooking times. The advantage here is that Cromargan is a weak heat conductor.

TransTherm all-stove floor

Suitable for all types of cookers – also for induction. A floor construction consisting of an aluminium core enclosed all around by a chrome steel capsule, with even heat distribution and long heat storage for energy-saving cooking.

Pouring rim

The outwardly positioned rim allows the targeted and metered pouring of liquids. In addition, the wide pouring rim facilitates pouring without spilling.


The plug lid sits firmly in the pot and is ideal for low-water cooking. The rising steam condenses on the lid and drips back into the pot as water. The lid made of heat-resistant tempered glass allows you to observe the cooking process.


Tips for care and storage

Thanks to the excellent thermal properties of WMF Cormargan pots, you can save energy when cooking. You will have the best energy efficiency if the size of the pot and hob is the same. Do not add salt until the water is boiling and stir. Otherwise salt could settle on the bottom of the pot and attack the material. Clean the pots as soon as possible after use. The pots are dishwasher safe. Keep the pots dry after cleaning. The pots are stackable and therefore space-saving. Soak any stuck food residues and gently remove them with a sponge or brush. Do not use sandy abrasives or steel wool. Lime-containing water and certain foods can cause lime stains or blue shimmering discolorations inside. These can be easily removed with the care product Purargan or vinegar water. So your pots keep their flawless appearance for a very long time



Pots and pots sets from WMF: that's how cooking is fun.

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