Transcendence Garden Water Feature Walnut Log Indoor/Outdoor, Self Containing Feature For Garden or Home: Electricic LED Light Cascading Waterfall Beautiful Water Fountain, Mains Powered

Transcendence Garden Water Feature Walnut Log Indoor/Outdoor

SALE PRICE: £117.97
YOU SAVE: £38.00

About this item

  • PERFECT ADDITION TO YOUR HOME OR GARDEN – Your beautiful Transcendence Water Feature will blend in perfectly with your surroundings and prove a beautiful addition or centrepiece to any home or garden.
  • MINIMAL SET UP REQUIRED – No need to spend all day trying to fit lights or, waste time with complicated set up instructions. The feature arrives with the lights fitted for you and ready to use!
  • SELF CONTAINING – No external water supply needs to be connected. Simply place in a location of choice, fill the feature with water and enjoy!
  • PEACE AND TRANQUILITY – Add the calming presence of running water to your garden or home and relax in a more peaceful environment.
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK- Satisfied or refunded! This is our promise. We bring a product with fantastic value to the market, why spend thousands of pounds on a new water feature and have the stress of organizing the installation? When you can buy your garden waterfall today at an excellent price and it will be delivered to you the next day without problems.

Product Description

Transcendence Products Beautiful indoor/outdoor Tree trunk cascading rock water feature.

Your water feature comes already set up and is self-containing. Simply fill the base with water as specified on the instructions and plug into any power outlet. We include both EU and UK plug adaptors so simply select the outlet necessary for you.

Our Products are handcrafted to ensure the finest quality and attention to detail. The polyresin mould we crafted the feature from provides the excellent durability required to brave the outdoors while not being overbearingly heavy and allowing you to freely position the feature in the garden or home as you wish.

the calming noise of running water will transform your garden into a place of peace and tranquillity. the feature should be emptied or stored indoors during freezing temperatures to prevent damage to the feature itself.

Beautifull addition to your garden in both the day and the night

Your water feature will provide a stunning addition to your garden and blend seamlessly into its surroundings. At night the LED lights beautifully light up the running water for a magical experience.

Dimensions: 32.99 x 42.01 x 62.51 cm; 7 Kilograms
Part: Gndie/Ca2078
Manufacture: Transcendence Products
Reference: Gndie/Ca2078

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