Play-Doh Stamp 'n Top Pizza Oven Toy with 5 Non-Toxic Play-Doh multiColours: Toys & Games

Play-Doh Stamp 'n Top Pizza Oven Toy with 5 Non-Toxic Play-Doh multiColours: Toys & Games

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  • IMAGINE ALL THE PLAY-DOH PIZZA POSSIBILITIES – Your little chef can slice up some oven-fresh fun again and again with this pizza play food set for children aged 3 and up
  • STAMP AND SPIN A CRAZY CRUST – Place some non-toxic Play-Doh compound onto the pan and into the toy pizza oven Next press the handle to stamp a round Play-Doh pizza crust and see the pan spin around
  • SILLY CHEESE MACHINE – More Play-Doh cheese, please The cheese grater shreds Play-Doh compound to look like grated cheese
  • GO TOPSY-TURVY WITH TOPPINGS – Shape traditional toppings like pretend pepperoni and veggies, or make wacky dessert pizzas with crazy sweets on top Get creative
  • This Play-Doh toy is great for kids who love modelling clay and cooking It comes with five standard-size 565-gram Play-Doh pots, plus a pizza paddle, cutter and more

Product description

Live that Play-Doh pizza life. There’s a pretend pizza party just waiting to happen with this toy oven for kids aged 3 and older. No batteries or electronics – just imagination. Stamp a pizza crust in the oven, then go wild creating and customising. The cheese grater shreds Play-Doh compound into grated cheese, and the oven playset has plenty of moulds all around it to make pretend pepperonis, silly veggies and lots of other outrageous toppings. When it’s ready, display it with the pizza paddle or on the pizza stand and slice it up with the cutter. It’s a great play pizza set for kids who love to get creative with squishy materials like modelling clay, and comes with five standard-size 56.5 gram Play-Doh pots. It also comes with instructions and three creation cards that show step-by-step how to make a variety of play food pizza creations. Now that’s amore. Hasbro, Play-Doh and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.

Dimensions: 8.86 x 30.48 x 33.02 cm; 1.24 Kilograms
Model: E4576EU4
Colour: Multicolour
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Age: 36 months – 99 years
Assembly: No
Colour: Multicolour

From the manufacturer

Play Dough Pizza

Play Dough Pizza

Play Dough Pizza

Play Dough Pizza

Become A Play-Doh Pizza Chef

It's the fun of making your own custom pizzas, but without the heat and dirty dishes! This set comes with the pizza oven, paddle, pizza slicer, and 5 cans of Play-Doh compound for all of your pretend pizza making needs.

Cook Up Some Oven-Fresh Fun

Making custom pizzas again and again is easy and fun. Just stamp a crust in the oven, make and add all the pretend toppings you want, then slice it up. What's the secret ingredient? Imagination, of course!

What's Your Play-Doh Pizza Style?

You can't spell "pizzazz" without "pizza"! Add your own pizzazz with more traditional-style toppings like pretend cheese, pepperoni, and veggies. If you're feeling wacky and wild, add crazy candies and other hilarious toppings. You can't go wrong!

Complete Play-Doh Pizza Restaurant Experience

With 6 different accessories, kids can feel like the head chef at their own pizza restaurant. The paddle and pizza cutter are perfect for slicing up your masterpiece, while the presser makes silly spaghetti on the side. Show off your creations on the plates!

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