Magnetic Drawing Board Abacus Easel Kids Wooden Toys Jigsaw Puzzle Board White Board Blackboard Counting Frame Montessori Toys Toddler Games Educational Toys For Kids 3 4 5 Years Old Girls Boys Gifts

Magnetic Drawing Board Abacus Easel Kids Wooden Toys Jigsaw Puzzle Board White Board Blackboard Counting Frame Montessori Toys Toddler Games Educational Toys For Kids 3 4 5 Years Old Girls Boys Gifts

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  • 3 in 1 Abacus Magnetic Drawing Board: Including blackboard, whiteboard,jigsaw board and abacus. Children can write and draw on the blackboard, then play magnetic wooden puzzle games on the magnetic board kids, or use the abacus to calculate math. This wooden toys provides multiple learning values.
  • Endless Fun of Learning Easel Kids: Magnetic numbers, jigsaw puzzles for kids and calculation symbols can be easily pasted on the jigsaw puzzle board. Children can play various kids puzzles and abacus math calculation games to add more fun and interest in learning.
  • Educational Montessori Toys: This abacus for kids easel is a good preschool educational toys, which allows children to be exposed to more knowledge of mathematics through toddler games. Children can learn to count and draw, develop children’s intelligence and thinking skills, and cultivate various skills.
  • Foldable Wooden Abacus Easel Kids:This puzzle board kids toys Ideal size (29.5 cm x 21.5 cm x 16 cm), easily foldable and convenient for storage. It is an ideal choice for children to learn at home, and even an excellent tool for teachers teach in the classroom.
  • High Quality Magnetic Drawing Board: Specially designed for children, high-quality wooden, environmentally friendly, non-toxic,Wooden abacus are not easy damage,strong magnetic white board and the easel for toddlers is stable. This colorful abacus counting wooden toys can be a perfect gift for kids for Christmas, New Year and birthday.
Dimensions: 30.2 x 25.2 x 3.4 cm; 580 Grams
Material: Wood
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Material: Wood

Product Description


This is an educational Montessori toy that can help children over 3 years old to easily learn arithmetic within 100. Our goal is to enable children to acquire knowledge in the toddler games.

Colorful magnetic shapes wooden puzzle elements, it is not only able to attract the attention of children, but also help to develop children's visual memory.

The wooden easel kids educational toy is parents' good assistant, helps parents in teaching mathematics through colorful abacus and magnetic drawing board.

This Montessori game also provide a few wooden kids puzzles geometric pieces. Children can use their imagination to build different shapes, animals, trees, vehicles, etc on the magnetic board kids.

If you want to buy a wonderful kids toys gift for your child, don't miss it!

Multifunctional Easal




Magnetic Whiteboard

The magnetic drawing board is very smooth. Magnetic math number puzzles can be easily pasted on the whiteboard.

Parents can use the whiteboard pen to teach children the basic math knowledge.

Children can also draw on the magnetic whiteboard,it is primary children's doodle heaven.

Strong Magnetic

These magnetic jigsaw puzzles for kids can be firmly posted to the whiteboard. Even the magnetic board is placed vertically, the magnetic puzzles will not fall down.

There are corresponding English words under each Roman numeral. The first step in your child's learning is to make him understand simple English words, numbers and mathematical symbols, to improve his cognitive abilities.

Interesting Blackboard

The drawing board is equipped with chalks.Children can enjoy writing and drawing on this blackboard.

Equipped with an eraser that can be used repeatedly,And it can easily wiped clean.

Come~Little boys and girls, create your own scenes.


Stable Art kids Easel

In order to make this abacus drawing board more stable, we design the wooden educational toy according to the principle of stability of the triangle. It ensure that the children's easel can stand up steadily.


Educational Toy

The calculation easel for toddlers provides wooden magnetic number pieces, mathematical operations symboladdition(subtraction, multiplication and division), and some magnetic shapes puzzles. This not only helps children learn mathematics, but also helps them to understand some simple shapes in life.


Colorful Wooden Abacus

We design the colorful bead on the easel. Pretty colors will attract children’s attention. Move a bead, move two beads…… In this way, children can better understand the concept of numbers. The numbers are not boring, they are vivid and interesting.

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