iropro 2m x 100m Heavy Duty Weed Control Membrane Garden Weed Barrier Fabric for Landscaping Driveway Gravel Artificial Grass Lawn Underlay Black Woven Roll Ground Cover

iropro 2m x 100m Heavy Duty Weed Control Membrane Garden Weed Barrier Fabric for Landscaping Driveway Gravel Artificial Grass Lawn Underlay Black Woven Roll Ground Cover

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  • iropro durable weed control membrane is made of black woven high density polypropylene fabric, which has excellent air and water permeability to retain moisture and nutrients of the soil and keep plants healthy, but still can prevent weeds growing to the greatest extent.
  • Our UV resistant weed barrier fabric won’t degrade when usually exposure to strong sunlight, extremely suitable for hot and dry climate in high temperature area
  • This weed control fabric printed with guide lines is useful when you need to cut lines or holes when growing plants or vegetables in rows, bright green color makes it easy to see if you are laying it straight
  • Use heavy duty weed suppressant membrane for garden or landscaping, under raised bed, mulch, gravel path, walkway, driveway, decking, stone chipping, pebbles, artificial grass lawn, patio to suppress and control weed growth
  • Lightweight ground cover fabric allows you to easily move it around or cut holes but tough enough not to tear. Comes in versatile sizes to suit your different purpose.

Product Description

There are two types of geotextiles for weed control:

(A) non-woven and (B) weed/ribbon fabrics.

The weed fleece (A) is often used in gardening and landscaping or agriculture.

It has a significantly lower water permeability.

The advantage is a slower penetration of the water into the soil, but conversely this means a slower escape (evaporation) of the water out of the soil.

After laying the weed fleece, we recommend that you first thoroughly water it to improve the water permeability.

You will find after repeated rain and watering that the water permeability will settle.

It is important to consider other factors, for example the soil type, the degree of 'preloading' with weeds, or how the fleece is 'embedded', the material you work with e.g. gravel.

If the ground below is too dense, then the water will also slow down.

With weed/ribbon tissue (B), water seepage is significantly faster, but with less water storage.

Therefore, the fabric (B) is used rather as an additional weed barrier under opaque gravel paths, gravel paths or wooden decks.

Large-scale Applicable

Several Advantages

The fabrics' higher carbon black content provides superior light-blocking capabilities to protect against the toughest perennial weeds.

Water permeable to allow water, other nutrients into the soil. It’s unique design provides several advantages over conventional weed barrier products. Excellent for Long-Term Landscapes.

Weed control is fabricated using a spun-bond method, which sandwiches melt-blown material, forming a powerful 3-ply layer of weed protection, high density structure effectively restrain weeds from sprouting and growing.

The design of weed membrane also prevents unraveling and makes the material easier to cut with scissors. Our weed barrier cloth measures 3x10M, 2x25M, 3x25M, 4x10M, 4x25M, 2x50M, 2x100M. It can be freely tailored into the requested size to be suit plants of varying sizes.

Steps for usage


BEST CHOICE FOR YOUControl Weeds! iropro High-quality Heavy Duty Weed Suppressant Membrane Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric
PRUDOCT SIZE3x10M/ 2x25M/3x25M/4x10M/4x25M/2x50M/2x100M
WEIGHT3.1kg/ 4.5kg/ 6.4kg/3.9kg/ 6.9kg/ 8kg/19.54kg
FEATURESGood Water Permeability, Air Permeability, Shading, Easy Cutting, Corrosion Resistance, Heavy Duty
SKU: B083558YR4
Dimensions: 106.4 x 28.8 x 24.6 cm; 18.02 Kilograms
Part: 20191226193
Manufacture: iropro
Reference: 20191226193

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