Dawoo Fire Bowls For Garden ,Outdoor Garden Heater Bronze Fire Pit Charcoal Burning Fire Bowl, 60Cm Fire Pits For Garden (60.5x70x62.5cm)

Dawoo Fire Bowls For Garden

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About this item

  • ▲This fire pit bronze decoration and lattice design will allow you to move outdoor home decoration, whether in your garden, corridor or courtyard.
  • ▲The steel structure design makes this brazier durable.
  • ▲Its 21 cm deep and wide hex-shape bowl also maintains excellent hourly burning, excluding wood and wood.
  • ▲Flame Retardant Opening Limits the Flame Emitted from the Furnace. Lightweight design (7.1 kilogram). Make it easy for you to move around your yard.
  • ▲In the process of using the product, if you have any questions, our customer service will ask you for answers within 24 hours, and support 100% refund within 7 days!

Product description

Size Name:60.5x70x62.5cm

WARNING: Before using this outdoor fireplace, please thoroughly read and make sure to follow all given instructions, warnings as well as cautions in this manual. Failure to those instructions can result in deaths, serious injury or property damage.

1、Do NOT use gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, lighter fluid or alcohol to light the fire.

2、.Do NOT place hot fireplace tools onto combustible surfaces such as grass, wooden furniture.

3、a)Using heat-resistant gloves and a fireplace tool to remove spark guard.

b)While using a long-handled fireplace tool, shift coals and logs to allow additional airflow.

c)Wait until embers have developed before adding any additional wood. d)If additional wood is added, carefully place wood on top of embers.

d)Use heat-resistant gloves and a fireplace tool to replace spark guard. 3.When in use, there should be no flammable materials around.

4、Do not use on flammable objects, such as wood, plastic, ect.

5、When the fire is out and outdoor fireplace is cool, remove and properly dispose of the ashes. 6.Store the outdoor fireplace assembled in a cool, dry location away from children and pets. Keep the product away from babies and children. Pls keep a secure distance while in use.

Dimensions: 74.3 x 65.4 x 30.2 cm; 8 Kilograms
Manufacture: Dawoo

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