Amagabeli 500 Pack 6 Inch Garden Securing Pegs Stakes Galvanized Landscape Staples Diameter 3MM Heavy Duty Sod Pins Fence Stakes for Anchoring Weed Barrier Fabric Ground Cover Garden Staples

Amagabeli 500 Pack 6 Inch Garden Securing Pegs Stakes Galvanized Landscape Staples Diameter 3MM Heavy Duty Sod Pins Fence Stakes for Anchoring Weed Barrier Fabric Ground Cover Garden Staples

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  • PRO GRADE 6 INCH LENGTH HEAVY DUTY: Single garden stake with dimension of 6 inch in length and 1 inch in width. Professional grade 500 pack heavy-duty galvanized steel landscape staples meticulously crafted to enhance all your home projects. Longer and stronger galvanized steel design for enhancing your outdoor patio, yard, landscaping, home and lawn garden projects
  • DURABLE STAPLES WITH SHARP ENDS: Pro grade thicker and steadier galvanized steel stakes for super holding power with sharp ends for easy ground soil insertion and rugged pins to anchor and enhance a multitude of items including edging, chain link, lighting, plastic, electric wires, pet invisible fences, inground, underground. The pro grade sod pins could be adjustable in suitable width for countless home projects
  • EASY TO USE: Dedicated pro grade galvanized steel design makes the fence stakes durable and easy to use for your gardens, raised bed, vegetables and flower gardens projects. They come in durable and reusable storage box, portable to use and store for your projects. You can take it easily to use in the landscape, lawn, or garden yard to pin down countless items
  • HUNDREDS OF USES: Tough galvanized steel sod staples to anchor your landscaping fabric, plastic, edging, chain link fences, electric wires, dog and pet invisible fences, inground, underground, and wireless fences, holiday decoration wire, weed barrier fabric, geo textile, artificial grass turf, tarp, soaker hose, wire mesh, frost cloth, hardware cloth, electric fences, ground cover, ect.
  • GUARANTEE: We offers premium products for your home projects while exceeding highest industry standards and offering impeccable customer care.Any problem during normal usage, or any dissatisfaction with the landscape staples, contact us, replacement or refund both accepted.Our goal is to make you completely satisfied with this purchase.We will always give you a reasonable solution.

Product Description

  • Amagabeli Garden Home Landscape Staples
  • 1.Amagabeli Garden Home landscape staples devote to provide professional grade garden stakes for your home projects with professional length, durable stakes design and premium material for your projects.
  • 2.Professional grade high quality 500 count galvanized steel 6 inch garden stakes.
  • 3.Durable galvanized steel material.
  • 4.Sharp angled ends design for easy installation.
  • 5.Adjustable width stakes suitable for landscape fabric.
  • 6.Easy to use by hand or hammer (or rubber mallet) & gloves for landscape staples installation.
  • 7.Multi use for holding down countless items projects such as landscape fabric, weed barrier fabric, invisible dog fences, electric fences, synthetic turf, drip irrigation tubing, plant cages, artificial grass turf, soaker hose, wire mesh, frost cloth, hardware cloth, ground cover.

Easy to Use and Store

  • 6 inch length is perfect for holding down landscape fabric,etc.
  • This garden stake is made with galvanized steel material and the galvanized steel stake is durable for sticking in ground.
  • Elaborate and thick package design makes it portable and easy to use the garden stakes and easy to store in your house.

Multiple Use

Ground Cover & Tubing

The staple could be in adjustable width for ground cover and drip irrigation tubing.

Landscape Fabric

When you set up your landscape fabric, you just need the landscape staples to hold down the landscape fabric.

Artificial Grass Turf

When you set artificial grass turf to décor your yard, the 6 inch length galvanized steel stakes will be perfect for the turf and landscape fabric.

Animal Fence

To protect your lovely rabbit, you just need to use the 6 inch garden stakes to hold down the pet fence firmly.

ColorSingle Panel SizeQuantityTotal LengthGaps between Each PanelRustproof
18" high x 17" wide32" high x 10" wide32" high x 24" wide32" High x 15" Wide44" high x 36" wideBig one: 18" high x 18" wide(Small one: 18" high x 6" wide)
35 pcs14 pcs5 pcs8 pcs2 pcs4 big pcs + 2 small pcs
50 feet20 feet10 feet10 feet6 feet7 feet
ColorWire DiameterSingle roll lengthQuantityMaterial
PVC CoatedPVC CoatedPVC CoatedPVC CoatedPVC CoatedPVC Coated
Dimensions: 25.2 x 19.8 x 11.2 cm; 8.81 Kilograms
Manufacture: Amagabeli Garden Home

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