SANSI 36W LED Grow Light Bulb for Indoor Plants, E27 Daylight Full Spectrum LED Plant Light Bulb, Sunlight White Grow Light Lamp for Indoor Plant Garden Farming Greenhouse

SANSI 36W LED Grow Light Bulb for Indoor Plants

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About this item

  • 【No Lampshades Needed】Compared with other grow lights with wider beam divergence which causes a non-uniform light distribution if there are no lampshades. Each SANSI LED designed with an evenly 60° beam angle and high-quality lens, produce a directional light that is aimed at the plants to avoid light loss
  • 【Full Spectrum】Compared with other grow lights, each of SANSI led chips give out all wavelengths of light, which can be fully absorbed via the plant photosynthesis without any waste, unlike what the fluorescent does with its uneven lights. Works for different growing phases as the Blue-Ray (400-499nm) is good for taller and healthy leaf and the Red-Ray (600-699nm) for blooming and fruits.
  • 【Keep Your Plants from Hurt】SANSI led grow light bulb uses cold light source technology, does not contain infrared light, will not burn your plants. This 36W Daylight Full Spectrum LED indoor plant light not only perfectly imitates sunlight and give your plants the natural light they crave, but also emits the same light as ordinary light, the attractive light will not affect your life.
  • 【Easy to Install】Fits standard E27 socket, just screw it into your desk lamp, no special lamp-base required. Will cover up to 2.47-4.20 sq.ft when being mounted at 18”-24” high above the plants. Lighting time various from 10hrs to12hrs, depends on different plants.
  • 【30,000 Hours Lifetime】Unlike other brand’s plant lights that rely on the plastic or aluminium heat sinks, SANSI adopts patented ceramic technology and unique hollowed-out structure to improve heat dissipation efficiency, prolonging the bulb’s lifetime to 30,000 hrs.

Product Description

SANSI: A Global Leader in LED Lighting and Displays

Since its founding in 1993, SANSI has been dedicated to technological innovation in a wide range of LED applications, from commercial displays to home lighting. We fully integrate product design, production, sales, installation, and customer support in our effort to provide affordable, state-of-the-art LED technology.

With over 500 in-house engineers, 2000 employees, and 3 advanced factories, SANSI possesses a wealth of technological research knowledge leaps and bounds above that of its nearest competitors. To date, SANSI has applied for 370+ domestic and foreign patents, and currently holds 250+ approved patents, including 20+ international patents.

Give more than you could imagine to plants!

Simulate Sunlight

This LED grow bulb outputs white light, compared to others' colorful light, white light is less disturbing. It provides the best environment your lovely plants need and supplies enough lighting nutrition.

SANSI Real Full Spectrum

Unlike others' LED chips only have red and blue wavelengths, each of SANSI led chips can produce a mix of wavelengths ranging from 380nm to 780nm, perfect for the whole plant growth.

Equal Light Distribution

The advanced optical structure design ensures a more uniform light intensity distribution and perfect spectrum proportion. No matter in the middle or on the edge, every part of your plant will receive the light of the same intensity.

Best Gift for Indoor Plants

SANSI Patented Ceramic Tech

Great Heat Dissipation: Unlike other plant lights that rely on plastic or aluminium heat sinks, SANSI plant lights adopt patented ceramic technology and unique hollowed-out structure which ensures much better heat dissipation efficiency, keeping plants from scalding and damage.

More efficient power driver and premium LED chips help to save energy and prolong the lifetime to 30,000 hours. No flicker and eye-protecting.

Easy to Install

E27 base fits in lamp fixture easily.

SANSI 36W plant grow lights are widely applied to hydroponics, greenhouses, flower farming, growth chambers, plant factories, pipeline cultivation, indoor gardens, etc. Providing the most suitable light solution for indoor plants, houseplants, office plants, potted plants such as succulents, cacti, bonsai trees, orchids, spearmint, rosemary, herbs, veggies, and fruits.


Wattage: 36W

Input Voltage: 220V AC

PPF: 95.61μmol/s

Luminous Flux: 2680 lumens

CRI: 90+

Life Time: 30,000 hrs

Dimensions: 13.1 x 13.1 x 16.9 cm; 490 Grams
Part: 01-03-003-023600
Manufacture: Sansi
Reference: 01-03-003-023600

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