S SMAUTOP Electric Disinfectant Fogger 5L 1200W Portable 3 Nozzles 5M Power Cord Disinfection Sprayer Germ Mosquito Killer Sanitizer Fogging Machine for Factory, School, Hospital, Garden (UK P1ug)

S SMAUTOP Electric Disinfectant Fogger 5L 1200W Portable 3 Nozzles 5M Power Cord Disinfection Sprayer Germ Mosquito Killer Sanitizer Fogging Machine for Factory

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  • ✔️【Large Amount of Fog】 This disinfection sprayer is equipped with three detachable all-copper nozzles, which has a larger spray volume than ordinary single-hole models on the market, and the spray distance can reach 10 meters. Use the same time to achieve a better disinfection effect.
  • ✔️【5L Large Capacity & 5M Power Cord】 The 5L large-capacity water tank can be used for a longer time after filling it once without frequent replenishment of liquid.We have lengthened the power cord to 5 meters, lowering the use limit of the disinfection sprayer, and improving the user experience.
  • ✔️【Adjustable Spray Angle and Mist Volume】 The spray angle and the amount of fog can be flexibly adjusted according to actual needs. The adjustable range of angle is up to 60°. The amount of mist is adjusted by a knob for easy operation.
  • ✔️【Multiple Scenes Available】 A sprayer can be used for many purposes, such as using a disinfectant to sterilize the place, or pour pesticides to kill insects, or pour ordinary water for cleaning or humidification. You can choose from multiple functions.
  • ✔️【Note】 Pour out the remaining disinfectant after the machine is used, and add clean water to spray for 2 to 3 minutes to prevent chemical agents from corroding the machine. Turn on the power switch first and then adjust the liquid valve when starting up, close the liquid valve before turning off the power when shutting down.

Product Description

A new generation of portable disinfection sprayer brings you a more efficient and thorough sterilization experience.

Adjustable Spray Angle

When you need to spray to different heights, you can adjust the spray angle of the sprayer. You don't need to raise the sprayer by hand, which saves effort and is not tired after long use.

5 Meters Long Power Cord

With a power cord that is 5 meters long, you don't have to frequently interrupt the disinfection work to adjust the power socket and improve work efficiency.

5 Liters Large Capacity

After filling up once, there is no need to frequently replenish disinfectant, which is more worry-free.

Large Spray Volume, Spray Far

With three nozzles, the spray volume is more than that of single nozzle sprayers on the market. The spray distance is more than 5 meters. It is especially suitable for disinfection of large venues.

Comfortable Handle

The handle is designed on the top instead of on the side like some sprays, so it will be more labor-saving and easier to use.

3 Full Copper Nozzles

The all-copper material can withstand greater pressure, the spray can be larger and sprayed farther, and has strong corrosion resistance and long service life.

Spray Volume Adjustment Knob

You can adjust the appropriate amount of fog in different usage scenarios, making it more applicable.

Built-In Filter

The machine has a built-in filter, which can filter out impurities and large particles and effectively prevent clogging.


Product Name: Electric Sprayer

Input voltage: 220V, 50-60HZ

Barrel capacity: 5L

Power cord length: 5m

Spray frequency coverage: 20-40㎡

Package List:

  • 1 * Electric Sprayer
Dimensions: ‎43.5 x 33 x 24.1 cm; 3.96 Kilograms
Manufacture: ‎S SMAUTOP

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