Kacsoo Hydroponic Grow Kit Hydroponisches System 36 Plant Sites PVC Water Culture Garden Plant System and Hydroponic Experiment, Vegetables, Flowers, Fruits(36 Sites 4 Pipes, Standing type)

Kacsoo Hydroponic Grow Kit Hydroponisches System 36 Plant Sites PVC Water Culture Garden Plant System and Hydroponic Experiment

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  • ✿ 【Material】– Food grade PVC-U; Pipe Diameter: 6.3 cm (2.5 “); Hole Diameter: 3.2 cm (1.26”); Distance between the holes: 3 “(8 cm), number of holes: 36.
  • ✿ 【Easy to Operate】– This hydroponic indoor or outdoor cultivation system is designed for quick and easy vegetable growing. Perfect for beginners! Previous knowledge is not required.
  • ✿ 【Practical】– Growing crops in hydroponic culture requires less water, less space, and makes it easier to control and prevent pests and diseases.
  • ✿ 【Need sunshine】– Place must be exposed to sufficient sunshine for at least 4 hours a day. If there is not enough sunshine, this leads to a malnutrition of the vegetables.
  • ✿ 【Nutritive】– System produces high quality vegetables, herbs, melons and berries – with a yield of 45 days! – More nutritious and tasty is to be delivered directly to system roots as products of soil garden, oxygenated water and nutrients

Product Description

Soilless culture is a cultivation technique that uses nutrients containing essential elements of plant growth and development to provide nutrients without natural soil, so that plants can complete the entire life cycle normally.

Package Included:

  • 1 X Holder and Main Pipe
  • 36 X Planting Sites
  • 1 X Planting Sponge
  • 1 X Hose


Material: PVC-U

Pipe quantity: 4

Pipe diameter: 2.5"(6.3cm)

Hole quantity: 36

Hole diameter: 1.26"(3.2cm)

Spacing between the holes: 3"(8cm)


Food-grade material, safe and green, with all fittings

Easy assembled, convenient, space-saving and time-saving

Advanced inner blocking design

Inner stopper all uses food grade material for the water balance on every lay

First prepare seeds, nutrient solution and a bucket of about 15L.Seeds can choose cabbage, lettuce, coriander, celery and other leafy vegetables.Pour some seeds into the water for an hour.

Wrap the seeds in a wet towel, and put it in a dark and ventilated place.Press the sponge into the water and let the air out, then sponge soaked for two hours.

After the seeds germinate, put the buds into the sponge(note:one bud in one sponge). Place the sponge in the basin and get the sun.

When the buds grow leaves, pour nutrient solution into the basin.The sponge needs to be kept moist

When the seedling has three or four leaves, select the seedling of the root to penetrate the sponge,place it in the hole of hydroponics equipment and get the sun.


  • You may need to prepare one reservoir tank. Non-transparent tank and with cover is better. The capacity is best 15-20L
  • You need to bring your own power strip.
  • Because of the big volume after the installation, for the convenient transport,we didn't install it. You need to install by yourself. This will expend a little effort.
  • It takes up approx 0.4 square meters, the place must be under enough sunshine, at least up to 4 hours every day. If there is no enough sunshine, it will result in the vegetables malnutrition.

Dimensions: 78.6 x 28 x 28 cm; 10.72 Kilograms
Manufacture: Kacsoo

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