Gardena Micro-Drip System Connecting Pipe: Central supply pipe, 13 mm (1/2″), can be laid above or below ground, UV-stabilised, 50 m (1347-20)

Gardena Micro-Drip System Connecting Pipe: Central supply pipe

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About this item

  • Flexible use: The pipe can be laid above or below ground without any problem
  • High quality: The pipe is robust and can be used for many years without any drop in quality
  • Robust and water-resistant: The pipe is UV-stabilised and impervious to light
  • Saves time and water: The innovative micro-drip system ensures effective irrigation
  • Scope of delivery includes: One Gardena connecting pipe 13 mm (1/2), 50 m

Product description

Size Name:50 m |  Style Name:Connecting Pipe 13 mm (1/2″) |  Pattern Name:Pipe

Product Description

Gardena Connecting Pipe – the central line for the Micro-Drip System

The 50 m Connecting Pipe from Gardena constitutes the main line for the Micro-Drip System. Because it can be laid either above or below ground, it can be optimally adapted to your garden irrigation needs. Sunshine does not impair the pipe at all, since it is UV-stabilised and impervious to light. High-quality materials guarantee a long service life.

Innovative Micro-Drip System

The connecting pipe is at the heart of the innovative Gardena Micro-Drip System. The Micro-Drip System allows water savings of up to 70 percent over conventional irrigation methods and also saves valuable time, since many of its processes run automatically after you have programmed them once as you desire.

Gardena – for more than 30 years, garden owners have trusted Original Gardena automatic watering systems.

Box Contains

1 x Pipe

SKU: B0001E3S5E
Dimensions: 30 x 19.99 x 19.99 cm; 400.07 Grams
Model: 01347-20
Part: 01347-20
Manufacture: Gardena

From the manufacturer


Water-saving drip irrigation

The Micro-Drip System is a water-saving garden watering system that is versatile on the balcony or terrace or in the vegetable or flower garden. The system can be controlled automatically with a GARDENA water computer.





Save water and time

The adjustable drip head and nozzles allow water savings of up to 70% over conventional watering methods. You will also save time, since no conventional watering is necessary – there are other things you can do with your leisure time.

Beautiful, healthy plants

Because of the precise, uniform watering provided by the Micro-Drip System, water reaches the spot where the plant needs it: at the roots.

“Quick and Easy” allows a flexible system

The GARDENA Micro-Drip System offers you the necessary flexibility for developing an individual system that meets your needs. The patented “Quick and Easy” pipe connection technology and the wide range supports you in fixing and restructuring your installation.

Relaxing holidays

The Micro-Drip System makes you entirely independent during your holidays or whenever you are absent, and your plants continue to enjoy an ideal water supply nevertheless. You don’t need to ask your neighbour to take care of your plants, either.


Micro-Drip System Adjustable Endline Drip Head

The practical Endline Drip Head from GARDENA ensures reliable spot irrigation of individual plants or long plant rows with differing water requirements. It can be easily screwed into the end of the 4.6 mm (3/16") Supply Pipe. Water discharge can be adjusted (from 0 to 10 l) individually for each plant. A dirty Endline Drip Head can be cleaned easily with the cleaning needle (included).


Micro-Drip System Adjustable Inline Drip Head

This drip head from the GARDENA Micro-Drip System is optimally suited to watering short plant rows in troughs. Depending on the water requirements of the individual plants, water discharge of 1 to 20 l per hour can be set. Exact dosing – according to the needs of the individual plant – also means that no water is wasted.


Micro-Drip System Spray Nozzle 360°

The spray nozzle is part of the GARDENA Micro-Drip System – water-saving garden irrigation. The 360° spray nozzle can water the area around it (3 m on all sides) with a fine spray. Irrigation can be individually regulated with a valve that is available separately.


Micro-Drip System Oscillating Sprinkler OS 90

The GARDENA Oscillating Sprinkler OS 90 is ideal for correctly dosed irrigation of ornamental gardens and flower beds. Sprinkling width, range, and water flow can all be conveniently and variably adjusted. This allows targeted watering of rectangular areas between 1 and 90 m² as part of the GARDENA Micro-Drip System. The sprinkling width varies from 0.5 to 7 m, the range from 1.5 to 13 m.





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