Gardena 10m Spiral Hose Set

Gardena 10m Spiral Hose Set

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About this item

  • The hose automatically coils back up after use to its original shape. No more troublesome rolling and unrolling
  • The hose system is ideal for watering plants on the patio and balconies
  • The complete solution with Hose Connector and Water Stop, Sprayer and Threaded Tap Connectors

Product description

Style Name:Hose Set

Product Description

The Gardena spiral hose set is the convenient solution for watering plants on balconies, patios or small gardens. The hose is mounted on the wall. After use, the hose automatically coils back up to a minimum size. This eliminates the need to unroll and roll the hose back up again. The hose length is 10m, ideal for watering plants in small areas. The enclosed pulse sprayer lies well in the hand, the water quantity can be infinitely adjusted and the impulse trigger can be set if desired.

Box Contains

1 x Set

Dimensions: 33.4 x 21.59 x 11.38 cm; 1 Kilograms
Model: 4647-U
Part: G4647-20
Manufacture: Gardena

From the manufacturer


GARDENA watering system – Optimal watering for any garden

With 50 years of experience in garden watering, Original GARDENA parts offer proven quality and durability. From a simple hose connector adapter to a complex Water Control, GARDENA watering accessories equip you for any task.

For more green in your life!


Tap connection option

The GARDENA Tap Connector provides a reliable connection to the tap. Handling is easy and convenient thanks to the tap connector’s special shape. In addition to the capability of regulating and closing off the connection to the Water Distributor, a tap connection that can be quickly connected and disconnected can be set up in the house. Anti-splash ensures that there is no spraying when water is extracted.


Hose connection option

At the hose lead: The GARDENA Hose Connector allows the hose to be connected quickly and conveniently. To protect it from damage, the hose connector adapter is equipped with an elastic ring At the end of the hose: The GARDENA connection is connected to the end of the garden hose. The grooved soft plastic grip means that the GARDENA connection lies securely in your hand Along the hose layout: To easily extend and repair the hose


GARDENA Profi System

The system for more water power and greater water flow

The Profi System is especially useful for places where lots of water is needed and long distances must be crossed. That is why this system is suitable for use with high-performance pumps. It is specially designed for all 19 mm (3/4”) hoses.


GARDENA accessories

There is a suitable model for each application

GARDENA accessories are ideal for cleaning and watering tasks. The tools offer great operating convenience with their ergonomic trigger buttons and integrated locks. Single-hand control of water quantity ensures convenient watering of your green areas. Innovative frost-resistance makes pulse sprayers and spray nozzles especially resistant, giving them durable quality.






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