Bosch Submersible Water Pump GardenPump 18 Extension Kit (with wall and tank attachments and 2.5 m garden hose, in Carton Packaging)

Bosch Submersible Water Pump GardenPump 18 Extension Kit (with wall and tank attachments and 2.5 m garden hose

RRP PRICE: £64.99
SALE PRICE: £43.93
YOU SAVE: £21.06

  • Sustainable, easy and quick – experience faster garden watering with rainwater
  • Water pump extension kit fits a wide range of open top and covered rainwater tanks
  • Included wall and tank attachments suitable for a range of rainwater tank locations
  • Powerful operation up to 25 m with strong flow and spray projection for hard-to-reach plants and light cleaning tasks
  • Scope of supply: GardenPump 18, wall attachment, tank attachment, 2.5 m garden hose, carton packaging
Weight: 2.08 kg
Dimensions: 36.5 x 13 x 36 cm; 2.08 Kilograms
Model: F016800613
Part: F016800613
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Manufacture: Bosch
Quantity: 1

From the manufacturer

bosch;water pump

Anti-siphoning connector

Anti-siphoning connector introduces air lock to avoid accidental tank draining and waste of water when using a full tank

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Security lock on wall

Mounting the tool on the wall to prevent theft

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Durable, waterproof battery compartment

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  1. bosch;water pump

    Save time with the timer function

    Timer function button with three alternative watering durations is ideal for use with a lawn sprinkler

  2. bosch;water pump

    Safety lid compatibility

    Detachable cable can be easily passed through access holes in the tank ensuring that the safety lid always remains functional when the product is in place

  3. bosch;water pump

    Tank and wall attachments

    Battery control unit can be used with both wall and tank attachments wherever rainwater tanks are located

  4. bosch;water pump

    No accidental draining

    Pump comes with useful anti-siphoning connector to prevent the tank from accidentally draining

  5. bosch;water pump

    Light noise

    Quiet operation makes the product ideal for early morning watering without disturbing neighbours

  6. bosch;water pump

    Easy battery insertion

    Move the carrying handle up, open the battery compartment and insert or change the Bosch Home and Garden 18V battery. The tool can be used with batteries of different capacities from 2.0Ah – 6Ah.


Can I use the GardenPump 18 with sea water?

No do not use the GardenPump 18 with sea or salt water. The salt is corrosive and may damage metallic components within the pump.

Can I use the GardenPump 18 all year round?

This will depend on the climate. Always remove the GardenPump 18 from the water tank if the weather is cold enough to freeze. In temperate climates, where freezing does not occur, the GardenPump 18 can used all year round.

Other than watering, what else can the GardenPump 18 be used for?

GardenPump 18 is useful for a number of other tasks including: Moving water from tank to tank; Replenishing garden ponds; Emptying a paddling pool; Light cleaning, including car cleaning; Use as a supply hose to a pressure washer

What batteries can I use with the GardenPump 18?

Bosch 18v 2.0Ah (Home & Garden)

Bosch 18v 2.5Ah (Home & Garden)

Bosch 18v 3.0Ah (Home & Garden)

Bosch 18v 4.0Ah (Home & Garden)

Bosch 18v 6.0Ah (Home & Garden)

What size tanks can I use with the GardenPump 18?

GardenPump 18 is suitable for tanks up to 1.8m High. Typically, such tanks will have capacity between 750 and 1000 litres.

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