Thinkware F200 Dash Cam Full 1080p Front Car Camera 720p HD Rear Dashcam – Night Vision, Includes 16GB SD Card & Hardwire lead for Battery Safe Parking Mode Install – Android/iOS App

Thinkware F200 Dash Cam Full 1080p Front Car Camera 720p HD Rear Dashcam - Night Vision

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  • ULTRA CLEAR 1080p HD IMAGE – Crisp Clean image with a 140° wide angle view at 30FPS. This enables the Dash Cam to capture more detailed footage in all road conditions and capture number plates of other drivers. The included rear facing internal camera captures images at 720p HD.
  • WI-FI PHONE APP – Use Wi Fi to view, download, delete or share footage directly to your phone via the App.
  • PREVENT VEHICLE BATTERY DRAIN – State-of-the-art parking energy saving mode monitoring system via the G sensor. The F200 dash cam continuously monitors the health and status of the vehicle battery and will shut down if it detects any issues without the need to purchase additional power magic adaptors.
  • LEADING DRIVER SAFETY FEATURES – UK speed camera (Cyclops) database with free updates (Requires Optional GPS Antenna), emergency record button  and G-Sensor incident detection.
  • MULTIPLE OPTIONAL REAR CAMS – front and rear package available. specialist packages for taxi cabs, vans and commecial vehicles  available Choose to have a rear camera and you have the option of a Rear Facing Internal Cam, Rear Facing Waterproof External Cam (perfect for vans) or a internal IR  infrared Camera the perfect solution for taxi cabs.
  • MARKET LEADING DASH CAMS AND SERVICES – Thinkware is a leading global manufacturer of the best dash cameras, offering the latest innovations and designs. Our customers include automotive manufacturers who use our reliable and award winning dash cams for cars.
  • UK TECHNICAL HELPLINE AND 2-YEAR WARRANTY – as you’d expect from a leading global car dash camera brand we offer a free UK based customer helpline and a 2 -year product warranty (registration required). We also provide professional national installation services on request.

Product description

Size Name:Front and Rear Cameras |  Style Name:Hardwire

Thinkware are one of the worlds leading Dash Camera brands offering award winning innovative Dash Cams with the latest in design.We work with global automotive manufacturers, supply our products to retailers worldwide and support a professional installation network. Thinkware offer a leading comprehensive range of Dash Cams for cars, motorbike Dash Cams and sports cameras specifically designed for motor sports/ATVs. Our dashcams can be used as plug-and-play or professionally installed.All our dash cameras offer the latest in specification and features and are supplied with all required accessories. As you would expect from a global dash cam brand, we support our products with a free technical helpline and offer a professional National installation service.

SKU: B07J2GD338
Weight: 54 g
Dimensions: 22.9 x 15.2 x 15.2 cm; 54 Grams
Brand: Thinkware
Model: F200
Manufacture: Thinkware

From the manufacturer



Thinkware is offering the latest innovations and designs on a reliable platform. Thinkware offer a full UK based technical helpline.

Nationwide Installation Available

To support our dash cams, sports cameras and motorsport products, we offer a national installation service at your home or office.

Thinkware F200

The latest in design F200 from Thinkware, brings you Crystal Clear 1080p Full HD footage in a sleek and discrete design. Packed with additional features such as an Advanced Parking Mode, G-Sensor and motion detection, Wi-Fi Enabled, Cyclops Speed Camera Database with Free for Life Updates.

  • 1080p High Definition Recording
  • GPS with Speed and location Logging
  • Night Vision Parking mode via Sony Cmos image sensor
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Cyclops Speed Camera Database
  • Micro SD Included (Supports up to 128GB)







Get audio warnings from your Dash Cam when approaching a wide variety of road safety cameras. Requires External GPS.

The Safety Camera Alert function actively alerts the driver of any photo enforcement locations on the road while still recording videos. Thinkware Dash Cams provides active warning for these 5 types of road safety cameras.

  • Red Light Warning System
  • Speed Camera Warning System
  • Red Light & Speed Camera Warning System
  • Average Speed Warning System
  • Mobile Zone Warning System

Requires External GPS Antenna (Sold Separately)


Avoid overexposure in your Dash Cam footage when experiencing sources of bright light whilst driving, keeping your footage clearer.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) is technology that allows the dashboard camera to capture a clearer image in a strongly contrasted environment. It can solve problems such as intense contrasts of light sources. In the event of a sudden change in frontal light exposure, such as when driving into or out of a tunnel or driving directly into bright sunshine, the Wide Dynamic Range function will eliminate excessively bright spots on the recordings.


Avoid corrupt memory cards and the slow process of having to reformat your SD Cards with the free flowing recording system.

One of the most common issues with a Dash cam's reliability is the SD card, these cards are continuously overwritten and often become corrupt if not formatted often. This normally means that you have to remove the SD card and putt it into a computer to reformat it. Thinkware have overcome this vulnerability by making the F200 pre-allocate the memory, avoiding the need to format the SD card on a regular basis.


Protects your dashboard camera from overheating and causing potentially irreversible damage to it or its data.

The specially designed heat discharge construction and the built-in thermal sensor of the dash cam protects the device and its data against intense heat by automatically turning it off to prevent overheating. All Thinkware cameras use a Super Capacitor, designed with Temperature Protection, for an emergency power source in the event of a crash or sudden power loss, allowing the unit to save the last 10 seconds of an incident.

Recording Modes





The camera's SD card's auto-looping system overwrites the oldest footage, allowing new clips to be saved in its place.

This mode is activated automatically when you start the engine. Recorded videos are saved in one-minute segments with an auto-looping mechanism. The one-minute clips begin to be overwritten once the dashboard camera's memory card is full, allowing full use of the SD card's capabilities. When reviewing footage, these segments are organised by a timestamp within the dashcam files.


The dash camera automatically records 10 seconds before and after any impact event for you and ensures this will not be overwritten.

If the camera's built-in G-sensors detect an impact, the 10 seconds of footage before and after the incident will automatically be saved to a separate section of the SD card. This prevents the Continuous Recording Mode from deleting this footage. These recordings can be easily accessed using the Thinkware App and can quickly provide you or your insurers valuable information on an incident.


Save the previous 10 seconds and following 50 seconds of footage. Ideal for recording something happening on the road ahead.

In the event of a incident on the road, or just a nice view in the distance, you can press the camera's emergency button to save previous 10 and following 50 seconds of footage. This one minute clip is saved in the dash cam's incident folder for viewing at a later time. Once stored on the Dash Cam's SD Card, the footage can be viewed using the Thinkware App at your convenience.

F200 Q800 F770 x700 f100 f70
F200 Q800 Pro F770 X700 F100 F70
Camera Quality FHD 1080p QHD 2K FHD 1080p FHD 1080p FHD 1080p FHD 1080p
Integrated Thermal Protection
Interface Mobile App Mobile App Mobile App Touch Screen PC/Mac Viewer PC/Mac Viewer
Energy Saving Parking Mode
Built-in Wi-Fi
GPS Optional Built-in Built-in Optional Optional Optional
Safety Camera Alerts Optional Optional Optional Optional
Rear Camera HD 720p FHD 1080p FHD 1080p FHD 1080p HD 720p