Steinel Hot Air Gun HL Stick, 350 W Heat Gun, 400°C, LED Working Light, incl. 4 Nozzles, for Crafting and Model-Making

Steinel Hot Air Gun HL Stick

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  • The HL Stick compact heat gun can do more or less everything that’s expected of a hot air gun. And a bit more besides
  • With its handy size and low weight, it is ideal for getting the trickiest of jobs done with maximum precision. The perfectly stable standing surface allows you to work hands-free
  • With 350 Watt of power you can adjust the temperature of this hot air tool up to 400 C° with an airflow rate of 100 l/min
  • At poorly illuminated places, the integrated LED work light is an indispensable assistant for high-precision heating
  • The compact multitalent comes with 4 attachment nozzles: the reduction nozzle with a diameter of 7 mm increases airflow temperature to 500°C for concentrated heating
  • The precision nozzle (4.5 mm in diameter) can heat workpieces with pinpoint accuracy
  • The two reflector nozzles (10 mm and 40 mm) make it possible to fit heat-shrinkable tubings in all sizes – from spot heating to heating large areas

Product description

Product Description

Small and practical. Ideal for model-making.
Hot air tool HL Stick
No matter whether for minor repairs and craft work or exacting model-making: precision is the be-all and end-all – and what the HL Stick does best. The versatile and compact hot air tool gets the trickiest of jobs done with pinpoint accuracy. With its lightweight design and precision nozzles, the stick can even reach those hard-to-reach places in models and other cavities. The secure standing surface also lets handicraft enthusiasts work hands-free and the integrated LED light perfectly illuminates every last corner. Getting heat to exactly where it’s needed.

Box Contains

1 x HL Stick
1 x Reduction nozzle 7mm
1 x Precision nozzle 4.5mm
1 x Reflector nozzle 10mm
1 x Reflector nozzle 40mm
1 x Instructions

Weight: 570 g
Dimensions: 23.5 x 7.6 x 7.8 cm; 570 Grams
Model: 4007841004019
Part: 4007841004019
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: Steinel (UK)
Quantity: 1

From the manufacturer

More heat for greater efficiency – Hot air by Steinel

Modern, ergonomical and with superior techonolgy – this is the new generation of heat guns made by Steinel.

4 nozzles included

About Steinel

Steinel develops and manufactures hot glue guns and hot air guns in its own factories in Europe. As pioneer in the heat-tool and hot-melt glue applicator markets, Steinel has been working on intelligent tool solutions, which are used by millions of satisfied customers for decades. Convince yoursel!

Compact heat gun HL Stick

One of the most versatile compact heat guns

Its handy size and its small weight allow you to perform even the trickiest tasks with the highest precision. The absolutely secure standing surface lets handicraft enthusiasts work hands-free. Thanks to the compact design the HL Stick reaches even those hard-to-reach places, such as the insides of models and other cavities. The integrated LED-light offers an indispensable support when working on dimly lit areas. Providing heat exactly where it's needed.

Ideal for model making, repairs and crafting


Precision works are easily done thanks to the compact design. Ideal for model making.

Foil processing

The small and handy HL Stick is perfect for small repairs and handicrafts.


Due to the lightweight design, the stick reaches even hard to reach areas of models.


The secure standing surface lets handicraft enthusiasts work hands-free.

Reduction nozzle (7 mm)

The reduction nozzle with its 7 mm diameter elevates the air stream's temperature for concentrated heating.

Reduction nozzle (4,5 mm)

With the reduction nozzle with refllector guard with a 4,5 mm diameter workpieces can be treated precisely.

Reflector nozzle (10 mm)

With the reflector nozzles you can work shrink tubes in all sizes – from precise to wide.

Reflector nozzle (40 mm)

With the reflector nozzles you can work shrink tubes in all sizes – from precise to wide.

HL 2020 E HL 1920 E HL 1620 S HL Stick
Output 2200 W 2000 W 1600 W 350 W
Temperature 80 – 630°C, continuously variable 80 – 600°C, continuously variable 300 / 500°C 400°C
Airflow rate 150 – 500 l/min 150 – 500 l/min 240 / 450 l/min 100 l/min
Warping, shrinking
Suspension ring
Residual heat indicator
Heat build-up warning
Optional HL-Scan and fine dust filter

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