Lumie DESKLAMP – SAD Light Therapy and Task/Reading lamp

Lumie DESKLAMP - SAD Light Therapy and Task/Reading lamp

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About this item

  • Treats SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and winter blues or simply lifts mood and boosts concentration and energy levels
  • High-contrast light with adjustable neck for reading and focused tasks, with touch-control brightening
  • Recommended treatment time with soft light: 60 minutes. Removable diffuser brings treatment time down to 30 minutes
  • Can be switched on all day, or make up your recommended session by dipping in throughout the day
  • Certified Medical Device (class 2a), producing 10,000 lux at 22cm, 2500 lux at 50 cm, independently measured, 3 year guarantee

Product description

Product Description

Lumie Desklamp is a light therapy device to boost energy and well-being, particularly during the winter. Sunlight is a natural mood-booster, influencing body chemistry (e.g. melatonin and serotonin levels) making us feel awake and positive. If you’re indoors, a dose of bright light is the next best thing and is proven to put you in a better mood, boost energy and help you to feel more alert – so it’s a great way to improve your well-being at work or at home. It can also be an effective treatment for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).
Desklamp was created by Lumie, the Cambridge-based light therapy specialist and inventor of the first wake-up lights.

Note:- Please keep the product little far away from other electronic gadgets this could probably results the high frequency sound


Designed to help with Seasonal Affective Disorder, and winter blues.


No active ingredients

Safety Warning

Always read the operating instructions before use.

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Lumie Desklamp SAD and energy lamp Mains power adaptor User guide

Brand: Lumie

From the manufacturer

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Lumie Desklamp

Dual-purpose desk light and 10,000 lux SAD lamp with 4 tap-control light levels. Use at home or in the office, when working or studying to boost concentration, mood and energy.

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Using Desklamp

Bright light is proven to put you in a better mood, boost energy and help you to feel more alert. It's also an effective way to treat the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Light therapy is easy to fit in while you get on with something else. Angle Desklamp so that the light shines on your face – you don't need to stare at it – when you're working, studying or crafting. It provides excellent task lighting and has four tap-control light levels – the diffuser can also be removed for maximum bright light.

Desklamp provides 10,000 lux at 20 cm (full brightness and without the diffuser). The extra blue light is particularly important and allows you to position Desklamp at around 50 cm, arm's length and still receive effective therapy.

Start like this and, if you need to, increase exposure until you find a treatment time that works for you. If you prefer it further away or less bright, you'll need to use it for longer.

You can get your daily dose of light therapy all in one go or have several short sessions for a cumulative effect. You should notice a real difference after just a few days.

  • Treats winter blues and SAD
  • Simulates sunlight to improve mood, energy and focus
  • Energy-efficient and UV-free
  • Blue-enriched white light
  • 30 minutes at 50 cm (diffuser off) recommended
  • 10,000 lux at 20 cm
  • 3,800 lux at 50 cm

How bright light therapy works

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About Lumie

  • British Swimming team use Lumie lights to stay energised
  • Lumie invented the very first wake-up lights in 1993
  • Registered with Medical and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA ref: CA007025)

Lumie has been designing and developing light therapy products in Cambridge, UK for over 25 years.

Our lights treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and winter blues, boost mood and energy levels and improve sleep.

Lack of daylight exposure

Strong, regular light signals keep our circadian rhythms, such as metabolism and sleep, on track. However, many people don't get enough bright light during their day, particularly in the winter. The short, dark days can trigger 'winter blues' symptoms like lack of energy, wanting to sleep more and socialise less.

Bring the light inside

Even a well-lit office provides only about 500 lux compared with 100,000 lux in natural daylight. Bright light therapy is a convenient and natural solution. Desklamp is ideal for use at a desk and provides 3,800 lux at a comfortable distance, all year round.

Lights like Desklamp are proven to boost mood and energy levels and are an established treatment for the winter blues and SAD.

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Vitamin L Arabica Desklamp Zest Brazil
Variable light level 4 light levels with touch-control 5 light levels as a SAD light; extra wake-up light functions
Energy-efficient and UV-free
Positioning Portrait or landscape Adjustable neck Upright or angled
Recommended treatment 30 mins at 16 cm 30 mins at 25 cm 30 mins at 50 cm (without diffuser) 20 mins at 50 cm (full brightness) 30 mins at 35 cm
Distance for 10,000 lux 16 cm 25 cm 20 cm (without diffuser) 25 cm 35 cm
Bulbs Cool white LEDs 2 x 24 W cool white bulbs Blue-enriched white LEDs Blue-enriched white LEDs 3 x 36 warm white bulbs
HWD cm 28 x 20 x 3 38 x 23 x 17 55 x 29 x 20 13 x 15 x 5 50 x 31 x 15
Weight 830 g 1.67 kg 1.78 kg 390 g 2.85 kg
Medical Device Class 2a Class 2a Class 2a Class 2a Class 2a

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