Honeywell Home THR92H1002 evohome Wireless Radiator Controller Head for UK, White (Pack of 1)

Honeywell Home THR92H1002 evohome Wireless Radiator Controller Head for UK

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  • Comfort Throughout Your Home: This one-pack radiator head lets you integrate your radiators into a convenient and easy to use temperature control system. Setup is specifically designed for UK radiators
  • Smart, Wi-Fi Connected Programming: Requires evohome Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat controller for precise temperature control. Guided setup allows configuration with the controller. Binding confirmation and info are displayed on each radiator head screen
  • Digital Display is easy to Read: Back-lit LCD screen displays the zone name, and local set point temperature. The local set point temperature can easily be overridden in half-degree increments by turning the dial at the top of the radiator controller
  • Multiple Modes: Use custom programmable modes with the evohome thermostat, including eco, holiday and day-off modes to ensure 24/7 thermostat comfort
  • Simple Installation: each radiator head allows you to tackle a single zone installation. If radiator valve bodies are already in place there is no need to drain down the system. These will fit on most compact radiator valves
  • Attractive Design: white, sleek and modern, these heads integrate with your decor and lifestyle. Made of sturdy polycarbonate
  • Two-Year Battery Life: Each zoning unit is battery powered with a two-year battery life and a battery low sensor with a reminder visible on both the radiator controller screen and the evohome controller screen

Product description

Product Description

The Honeywell Home THR92H1002 evohome Wireless Radiator TRV Head offers a smart, programmable radiator controller from a trusted brand. This controller use two-way communication with the evohome controller. The evohome Smart WiFi Thermostat is required for these radiator head to operate and control with temperature zoning. The HR92 radiator controller will fit a wide variety of thermostatic radiator valves (TRV). Adaptors are available for some older less well known valves – if you already have a TRV head in place it’s as easy as unscrewing the current TRV head and replacing the HR92 base by screwing it in place. Then snapping on the electronic head and locking it (no tools required). If you do not currently have a TRV in place you will need to consult an installer as it is possible that you will have to drain all or part of your heating system in order to replace the valve body. Enjoy accurate, comfortable climate control with this this radiator multi-zone kit. The wireless head allow you to create one zone. The evohome unit allows up to 12 zones, with potentially more than 1 head per zone. Once installed, the timing programs can be individually adapted to a daily routine. Choose up to 6 set points per day at the desired temperature. This slim, ergonomically designed radiator controller is made with a robust polycarbonate body for durability. It’s battery powered with a two-year battery life and a low-battery reminder visible on the radiator controller screen. The flip-up screen can be positioned so that it can be easily viewed or folded away flat. Each unit features a backlit LCD screen to display the zone name, and local set point temperature. The local set point temperature can easily be overridden by turning the dial at the top of the radiator controller. Override temperatures can be set in half degree increments and are effective until the next scheduled change. There is an open window feature that recognises sudden temperature drop and shuts off the local radiator. The zone temperature changes made at either the evohome controller’s screen or via the remote app will change in real time on the screen on the radiator controller. In cases where the radiator head is covered and may not accurately read room temperature, a single-zone thermostat may be used as an accessory (T87RF). Not only are these well-made and feature-packed, they are easy to install, once the compatibility of the radiator valve is established. Valve mounting technical specification: suitable to be mounted on M30 x 1,5 valves (Honeywell, MNG, Heimeier, RBM, Oventrop). Danfoss adapter included, to allow compatibility with RA/RAV/RAVL versions. For those looking to install heating zones, these radiator heads require no additional zone valves, which makes installation a lot quicker and cleaner. To control the radiator control via smartphone app, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or IFTTT, a central control unit is required to communicate with your router via WiFi (W-LAN). Please note: this model is specifically designed for UK, suitable for vertical mounting.

evohome consists of a number of quality components manufactured by the UK’s leading manufacturer of home heating controls, made specifically for Europe. With the evohome Total Connect Comfort (TCC) app, you can control your heating from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet and viewing and changing your temperature. People all over the world have been taking comfort in Honeywell Home technology for more than 100 years. 

Box Contains

1 x HR92 Radiator Valve
2 x AA Batteries
1 x Bag assembly (3 screws)
1 x Adaptor pack (for valve variants)
1 x Flap Lock bracket

Weight: 320 g
Dimensions: 7.6 x 10.4 x 21.6 cm; 320 Grams
Model: THR92H1002
Part: THR92H1002
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: Alkaline
Manufacture: Honeywell
Quantity: 1

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