FFP2 Disposable Face Masks Mouth Cover >95% 5 Layer Filtration System 50PCS/Carton

FFP2 Disposable Face Masks Mouth Cover >95% 5 Layer Filtration System 50PCS/Carton

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  • 【CE Certified】FFP2 refer to the Chinese and European standards for Filtering Facemasks. This mask has CE Certified,and ditionally been tested to the European FFP2 standard, evaluated and approved by an EU notified body (number 2163) according to the EU FFP2 standard EN 149:2001+A1:2009.
  • 【Filters Harmful Particles】 The non-woven layers filter of the FPP face masks airborne particles including dust, smoke, pollen and other pollutants.
  • MaskFFP2-02
  • 【Premium Quality】The Disposable Face Masks are manufactured in a Dust-Free Environment, extremely Clean. And they are packed with a Non-reusable Plastic Bag. You will Know the Item You Receive is New.All our masks are packaged in high quality clinical bags and packed in clinical lab conditions.
  • 【Comfortable to Wear】The built-in soft, adjustable nose clip and cup design provides comfort and safety through its secure fit to the face of most adults. Each mask is made from highly effective soft fabrics, designed for long term wearing without discomfort.
  • 【Nice to use】Portable and light design makes it easy to wear in all public spaces – at the airport, on public transport, at the office, shopping centres, etc for optimal protection.
SKU: B08T6Q832K
Dimensions: 21.5 x 18.4 x 12.7 cm; 410 Grams
Model: MaskFFP2-02

Product Description


KKmier FFP2 Disposable Face Masks are non-reusable filtering half masks (NR).

A filtering facepiece (FFP) protective mask, also known as a disposable particulate filtering respirator, or more simply a particulate mask.

Which is a type of filtering respiratory protection mask that essentially serves as protection against particles as well as against various diseases transmissible in the air.

FFP2 Mask is personal protective equipment used by nursing staff to protect themselves from contamination, but also by anyone exposed to fine particles at work (sawdust, sanding, metal filings, demolition, asbestos removal, for example).


Disposable FFP2 Face Masks


50 * FFP2 masks )

2 * Mask Strap Extension

1 * Instructions for use in 5 languages, including English.

KKmier FFP2 mouth cover

The masks are classified the "half-mask" type, that is to say covering the chin, nose and mouth, this mask is subject to compliance with standards as well as to efficiency tests (filtration rate, interior).

The EN 149 standard defines three classes of filtration efficiency for these masks, namely FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3.

The masks we sell at KKmier are of the FFP2 type.




5 layers

Thanks to the 3D shape and 5 filter layers, our FFP2 face masks can not only filter the wearer's breathing to the environment, but also filter the wearer's breathing air. They protect the wearer and other people at the same time.

Plastic band

Gently press down on the plastic band to fit the nose, making sure the nose and mouth are covered.

Mask strap extender

2 mask strap extenders are provided with the FFP2 masks to prevent pressure on your ears, without causing pain if you wear the face mask 4 hours.


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